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I am very worried about my son's depression. He started chemo and radiation a few weeks ago. He was very positive and strong until he started to see side effects.

Watching him deteriorate little bits every day from his treatment is overwhelming.

I have never felt so helpless as now.

Is there anything I can do--buy---suggest---any ideas---any input---your experience with the same? (oh wouldn't it be great if you could just buy something to fix things?!!!!)

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I faced the same during my treatment and am better now. Keep doing what im sure you're doing, pointing out the positive etc. Depending how old your son is, it may benefit for him to volunteer (if he's able) with children who are worse off- this helped me and continues to help and make me thankful for what i do have and how much worse it could have been.

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I usually get depressed when I undergo radiation treatment. I had therapy for my depression and it really helped. Oncology depts. usually have social workers and they can help.

It is not easy to be positive when undergoing treatment. It is hard for families but I think it is worse when your child is the one undergoing treatment. Tell him not to lose hope, things will get a lot better after he is finished with treatment. Besides help from a therapist, what helped me was getting plenty of rest and reading because I like that. Maybe there is something he likes to do that doesn't required physical activity but that will keep him occupied.
Maybe he can go to the survivors chat room, it usually helps me, people are friendly, sometimes they are going through the same things as you are and "venting" is helpful too.
All the best,

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chemo is depressing for all, give him lots of love

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