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parents of adult children w cancer

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Is there a group here for parents of adult children w cancer?

I have a 34 year old son and I am looking for a support group.


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im 28 and was diagnosed last year- my parents didnt find anything specific in the washington dc/ mid-atlantic area, but they went to a lot of the spouse support groups and they seemed to help since adult parents of adult cancer patients take on the primary caregiver/ almost spouselike role. Im healthy and out of treatment now, my parents and i would be willing to help you and your son in any way we can. Stay strong- you both can get through this. Our prayers are with you both.

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Have you tried the survivors chat room? It is both for survivors and caregivers and there are some parents there with adult children undergoing trewatment. You could also ask oncologist because they usually have social workers and they would know of any local support groups.
All the best,

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   My son has been undergoing intense chemo for 4 months now.  There are days that he feels OK so it's easy to talk to him.  There are other days, and unfortunately more than the good ones, that he's not doing well.  He has a very deprssed attitude about any signs of getting better.  When he's not feeling well, he gets really depressed and can't cope with being near anyone, espeially his own kids, which kills him.  When I say anything about hows he's feeling he just jumps at me.  I'm so worried about his attitue.  You hear so often that having a good attitude is escential for getting better.  I'm not sure what to say to him when he's so far down.  What makes this all the harder for me is he lives in Europe and I'm here in the states, so I can't even give him hugs.  Is there anything I can say to open him up to maybe just maybe some positive attitudes with all this.  I'm terribly worried




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Hi, I will just give you feedback from the conversations that I have had with my mom.  My particular cancer has about a 75% 5 year survival rate.  So they are telling me to "think positive".  They don't want to hear about the chances that I may die.  But it is sort of alienating to me for them to dismiss my concerns, or to try to indicate that I shouldn't be depressed.  My sister and mom think that I am depressed. Yes, I am.  I am 51 with kids that are 10, and 12.  It sounds like your son also has kids, and he might be depressed about his diagnosis, the changes in his life, his reduced life expectancy, etc.  Don't necessarily try to "cheer him up" if that makes it worse and he gets turned off when you try.  Just try to be there on his level, and find out what works best when you talk to him, and then try that...  Let him know that you are thinking about him...

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