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GTX Protocol Possibly Failing - Looking for Options, Help!

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Hello. I'm new to this board, hopefully you can help me. I'm writing on behalf of my aunt, who was diagnosed with PC Sept. 04. She's been doing well on GTX (Gemzar/Taxotere/Xeloda) combination therapy with Dr. Fine in NYC, but things have taken a turn, and we're looking for new chemo options. My aunt's message is below. Any advice would be GREAT. Thank you so much. Elizabeth

Dear Fellow Pancreatic Patients,
I was diagnosed with PC in Sept. 04 .Primary site was tail of pancreas. I had 20+leisons on liver. I have done 12 cycles of gtx and got rid of almost all the tumors including the one on the pancreas. My most recent MRI shows two new tumors which indicates that gtx is probably failing. What are you all doing and what has been successful for you. I am desperately looking for a new protocol. I have fluid now in my abdomen and my liver enzymes are no longer normal. HELP.

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To your Aunt with PC: Try not to freak out. So far what you have been doing is great, and you were responding in a good way. Be good to yourself, and yes, it is difficult but be positive and strong. Do not give up. Do not feel sorry for yourself. There are a lot of research groups and studies. Have you looked at the other Cancer networks? Try Pancan, and MD Anderson. I have been told that the reason chemo has a hard time working on pancreatic cancer is that the cancer grows too slow for the chemo to work well, that chemo kills active growing cancer the best. I have chosen not to have any chemo at all. I was diagnosed December 2004. There are more options, just search. Eat the right foods, keep your thoughts good and happy. I have diabetes, and I put my cancer in the same category, I have it and I deal with it and I get on with living. I pray you do very well, my email is golfwrench@msn.com you can email me too.

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