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Should I be worried?

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Hi all -- I'm having a maniac moment and need a sanity check. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in April '03, stage 2. Had radiation/chemo six weeks, followed by lower anterior resection (no bag), followed by 6 more months of chemo (5FU/Leukovorin). I have been cancer free for 2 years. I have been going to weight watchers because when I got my appetite back I went crazy and gained 40 lbs and I'm trying to get them off. My problem is I've been cheating on my diet and I'm still losing weight (about 1/2 pound a week). My kids are off school and I'm staying active with them, so maybe its that but I'm a little nervous. My husband tells me not to worry but its hard for people who have not gone through this to understand. I had a normal cat scan in June and also my blood work in April was normal. Am I just being paranoid? I see my oncologist again in August. What should I do?

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We cancer survivors are not just ordinary folks. For the rest of our lives anything that seems just a twinge out of the ordinary raises our antenna of concern. You are NOT having a maniac moment, you are reacting as any of us would react.

My philosophy is to be in charge of my health and concerns. If you have a concern, go see your doctor and tell him. If he pooh pooh's it off, then you have the wrong doctor.

It is probably nothing. When I went on a diet and got into losing weight, it kept coming off even when I felt I was eating more. That does stop after awhile and it catches up with you and oops, here come the pounds.

By all means, if you are concerned, check it out.



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HI there,

I agree with Kerry. I have thoughts about my cancer ALL of the time - unless I am really busy. So, don't worry about maniac moments. You can ask your doc....and see what he/she says. And by August, you will have a better handle on things. You may have charged your metabolism and your body may be working really efficiently!! But, feel comfortable and check it out.

Best wishes.

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Call your oncologist and get his opinion as the others have said. I don't know your age, but chemo does push the ole female body into menopause which slows the metabolic rate down. If you are under 40, your monthly cycle could come back after you have been off chemo for awhile, at least that is what my onc told me. You are being more active with your kids so that could be all it is. What is your energy level and stamina like? I personally think that is more of a key to cancer then weight loss, especially when it is only a 1/2 pound a week. Most people lose weight in the summer and gain in the winter, so don't worry too much.

Lisa P.

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Call your doctor!!! I just had an appt today with my onc. I lost 5 pounds, by TRYING, and they interegated me at length to make sure I really was decreasing my calories.

Better safe than sorry. Live life without regrets - get checked, if for nothing more - so you can sleep at night.

be well. jana

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