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hoarseness/pancreatic cancer

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My husband is having chemo for pancreatic cancer and has been extremely hoarse for weeks. Does anyone know if this is a chemo side effect or cause by the disease?

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Yes sometimes the chemo does cause hoarseness.
The chemo I had caused hoareness.
My dad was not able to take chemo for pancreatic cancer. His diagnosis was several years ago. Lots have changed. Mine was breast cancer in 2003
I go to MedLine Plus web site for the medication information. It has drug dictionary. Type in and it searches. Brings up drug and gives all the information on the drug and side effects.
It is usually very up to date information.


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Thanks for the info, I will check it out. Good luck to you.

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Depends on what kind of chemo his taking. Check on line for the chemo and see what side effects it causes. Also question you medical professional. Always ask questions. Bless You and LOL Waynec

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