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Grandma Judy

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Joined: Mar 2004

Has anyone heard from Judy or have I justed missed the post.

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Sadly, no Kaye. I have been in contact with Judy from the first day she came her. Even when she was unable to post back when she was having such a bad time and was returned to hospital I kept in touch. Her daughter Stacy often sent me and others emails to let us know of her progress. My recent emails to Judy have been returned, (unable to be delivered).
I also tried to contact Stacy but got no reply.
The last message I got was saying Judy was going into a hospice.
Jen and I hope and pray for Judy....as we all do, that she is still with us and comfortable.
Sadly there is no other way to know how she is.
Ross and Jen

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I too have emailed Judy's daughter but have not had a reply. I would also like to hear from Linda as to how Scott is doing. Also have we heard from Andrea? Thinking and praying for all those who are going through particularly difficult times right now.


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Well this is proof how interconnected we all are on these boards.

I woke up this morning with Judy in my foremost thoughts and prayers (and nettie)(everyone gets prayed for before my feet hit the floor for the day) and I was going to post with this exact same question.

I, too, have emailed her daughter and have not received a response. I know from experience this an awful time for them all. :-( So I am not surprised she has not gotten back to us. It may just be too much.

So my guess is that Judy was put on all our hearts today for a specific purpose and we all better just pray like there's no tomorrow. Ok?

I'll say it again.....

Semi-colons ROCK!

peace, emily

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Judy and Andrea have both been on my mind a lot lately. I don't think a day goes by that I am not wondering how they are doing and saying a prayer for them.

I hate this disease!!

I hope God gives them both the strength they need right now.


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I hate it too. But I have to say that I think it has deepened my thoughts. Judy has been on my mind as well; we used to see her posts so often.
I know that I join all of you in prayer to wish her strength and peace. And I do believe that she feels the love coming her way.

Love and hugs,

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was wondering about her too.. will say xtra prayers for her..

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Judy is in my prayers too. I think about her every day.

Andrea only contacted us when she was at college, I'm not sure she has a home computer. Her last message said she was going to spend the summer with her family and she may not have access to a computer. But, I continue to pray for her too.

Linda, I think about you and pray for you, Scott and your family everyday too.

I too hate this damned disease, but am so thankful to have you all out there. It gets hard sometimes.

Lisa P.

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Me too... when I saw the title of the post I was scared; and happy to hear. I hope she, and all others in the trenches of the battle, are feeling alright - and know how much we care. jana

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