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Question please Help

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Hi guys, my name is Kath and I am a BC survivor but Prostate cancer is in the family and i have kids..I have some questions I wanted to ask you. Please cut and paste this email into a new one and answer my questions it would help me so much. Thanks

1. When you were diagnosed with cancer were you:

A. Meat Eater

B. Vegetarian- diary and fish

C. Vegan

2. Have you changed your eating habits since being dxed with cancer?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Somewhat

3. If yes how ?

A. gone vegetarian

B. gone vegan

C. Other - If other can you explain ?

Thanks so much for helping me


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I doubt you'll find that prostate cancer is clearly related to life-style, eating habits, etc. It's a genetic predisposition caused by genetic damage somewhere in the bloodline. Dietary studies have been performed throughout the world for numerous population demographics. It's interesting to note that prostate cancer is very rare in Japan, an obvious dietary and demographic difference from other populations in industrialized countries.

My investigative nutritional supplements are Hooter's Hot wings washed down by a few cold beers with a bunch of rowdy biker dudes and duddettes. Sometimes, it's a steak/lobster and good wine in the company of a long-legged, voluptuous female. My exercise regimen consists of swinging a leg over a hot Harley and riding 2-up with a bunch of nuts, stopping at biker bars to drink our fill of non-alcholic beer. Aerobic excercise is fast-walking/jogging, usually falling in behind a bunch of "Ms. Goodbodies" doing same, but whose objectives appear to be wearing their spandex out from the inside. I engage in my self-developed form of meditation: sitting in the spa with a bunch of fun women while studying the buoyancy coefficients of mammary glands, sipping a Kahlua on the rocks, and smoking a fine, Macanudo ceegar.

Trick is...for androgen-dependent, advanced prostate cancer, you should insist on the option of "bicalutamide monotherapy" (Casodex only) as opposed to the traditional, maiming, low QOL, protocols involving total androgen blockade aka total androgen ablation.

Trial after trial all across Europe (some involving over 4,000 participants) clearly show similar survival time-lines between bicalutamide monotherapy and TAB (total androgen blockade), but with a high QOL.

You can check it out on any reputable Board of Oncology site, domestic or foreign.

I've have/had both advanced prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer w/mets to adjacent lymph nodes and the brain. The latter received surgical intervention only...pronounced "NED" (no evidence of disease) a year ago...now, 3-years since diagnosis. I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2001, am still on bicalutamide monotherapy (Casodex only) and feel as if I have nothing, period...even though my bone mets are to the right shoulder, neck, spine, a few ribs, and the pelvis.

Havagoodun! Think I'll go rock climbing, tomorrow.

In my opinion, the biggest QOL (quality of life) robbing aspect of cancer is preoccupation and worrying about it. I put the darn stuff on the back burner, except for participation in the ACS site. In other words, it appears you're concerned about something that may not happen at all, and if it does, you'll likely be gone by the time your male kids are prostate cancer age-prone. Even then, if diagnosed late in life, the typically slow cell replication (though, not always the case), may not be life threatening, but merely an inconvenience whereby many succumb to other, unrelated age-related causes.

Havagoodun! Think I'll go rock climbing, tomorrow.

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dear nodawgs,
congratulations!!! you are a survivor....please forgive me if i sound a little bitter, but i lost my dad 3 months ago to advanced prostate cancer...he was a healthy eater, whatched his weight, took vitamins, took good care of himself. he was diagnosed in oct. 2002, and passed away june 3, 2005. under doctors recomendation my brother gets psa checked twice a year. has a tendency to be passed down from generation to generation. as i believe cancer is passed down from family members. i believe there is a gene, (cancer strain) that is in certain families. my grandfather (father side) passed of lung cancer, and bone cancer, over 30 years ago, my dad passed away from prostate cancer, with metestatic to the bone and lung. i HATE this horrible disease known as cancer. and i hate the fact that god plays a role in who survives and who passes, and why we are left to carry the burden and the pain.. don't get me worng i am glad you are a survivor. god bless you... but what about my dad...why could he have not survivied??? i miss him very much... and it saddens me and my children.. and yes i will make sure my son is tested when old enough right now he is 12 but he will know, and he will be tested im taking no chances, i myself am checked for breast cancer and lung cancer annually....and i don't smoke and i eat healthy.. but the fear is there...and even when i am long gone i want my son and my grandchildren to be healthy.... cancer is an evil disease that does not discriminate.... young, old, white, black, man, woman, child....it is lurking around the corner waiting to attack you or a loved one....god help us please!!!!
good bless you and good luck on your journey......enjoy all you can.....

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Hi Kath

1. When you were diagnosed with cancer were you:

A. Meat Eater yes but not beef

B. Vegetarian- diary and fish ate alot of vegetarian...girlfriend a veggie.

C. Vegan No

2. Have you changed your eating habits since being dxed with cancer?

A. Yes....gone completely organic as result of reading many books. The best is Your Life in Your Hands by Porf Jane Plant whose BC would not go away until she changed her diet. ISBN is 0-7535-0850-8 if you are interested. She researched the subject thoroughly.

B. No

C. Somewhat...have the occasional lapses but not with diary and beef.

3. If yes how ?

A. gone vegetarian...no organic fish or deep sea fish is good for your but eat only organic veg

B. gone vegan ...never

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