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Hi all..have a question.. had surgery a year ago.my tumor was very low.. didnt end up with a bag..had allmy treatments. finally back to work..my question is this. in my job ( i work with kids..yeah i am nuts) i dont sit down a lot.i will do an art project..read story.. but at intervals I am always moving.. but once a week I have to attend a staff meeting that last two hours. the sitting down is killing me..literally its a pain in my butt. I stand up thru half of it.drawing very unwanted attention to myself. I see my oncologist next week..should i mention this? I dont want anymore invasive exams.. the pain goes away after cominghome and resting or taking some over the counter pain meds. I was thinking the truth is when I am home I dont sit to often..am doing chores or sitting on our couch that has those easy chairs that I recline in..anyone else have trouble with sitting for a long time? I would like to ask for pain meds just to ease this time but dont want to seem like a druggie ya know? thanks for the input..love ya alllll ramona41

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OK, got 2 words for you: TOTALLY NORMAL.
My surgeon is amazed by my lack of pain. I attribute it all to my yoga addiction. I stretch all the time, concentrating on my butt muscles. Despite all this wonderful "me" stuff. If I sit in a hard seat for >15-20 minutes. I have to frequently shift and lift my butt because it hurts. Try exercises, and then try some subtle chair movements to alleviate the discomfort. Or heck, get loopy on meds; may be a problems at work though.
Also, my surgery was 2.5 yrs ago.
Good luck. jana

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Hey there, Ramona!
Yes, ask your doc.
I understand your reluctance tohave any more poking and prodding.....but this is going to hang in your mind adn drive you nuts (as well a being uncomfortable). You owe it to yourself to find out if is related or not.
And you aren't crazy working with kids.....just a great multitasker and really patient!! What ages do you work with? I worked with second and fourth graders and was in love with the younger kids. Take care and keep in touch. And please, talk to your doc.

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ok I feel better.. I work with kindergarten and first graders. thanks for the support.. I will talk with my doc.. but he better keep away from my buttttttttttttttt..heh heh..

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Hi Ramona,
I work with toddlers which requires me to sit on the hard floor several times a day. About 2 months ago I began experiencing pain in the butt. It gets very sore and then my right cheek gets numb. This only seems to happen when I sit for a long time on something hard.
My tumor was also low and I ended up with a permanent colostomy. My oncologist told me to see my surgeon. My surgeon checked everything and could see no reason for this to be happening. My surgery was also a year ago.
Please let me know what your oncologist says as this is very uncomfortable!

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Hi Ramona,

I had a lot of butt pain as well, which was aggravated by the fact that I was almost always constipated from the chemo. I took one of those inflatable "donut" pillows everywhere I went. I put in in a pillow case so it wasn't so obvious. Yes, I got some looks but it felt sooooooo much better that I didn't care. I also put Desitin on and it helped a little. Good luck.

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