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Hey Emily How did the 5K go?

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I am curious. Go Emily!

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Hey Taunya,

I finished and I didn't walk once! That was my goal. I am not a runner and this was my very first.......and I'm 43!

I didn't finish last...whew.....but I was waaaaay back there. :-) It was a very tough course all up and down hills with sandy rocky terrain and some pavement (along the shore of Lake Superior)....so I was pretty much baptized with fire my first time out. Even the "pros" were commenting on how hard the course was......but I puffed and panted and sent a photo to nanuk to prove it! haha

Are you a runner?

peace, emily who is tickled you asked :-)

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Hey Emily,

I'm so proud of you. Send me a photo too!!!!


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Hey there, Emily!
Congrats!! I am thrilled for you. Have a great weekend.

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Well done Emily. Hey, how come no pic this way? I thought you might like to show off your thighs???? lol!
Great to see that you are able to get out there with the best of them. Remember.....achievement is an honor to yourself, and you deserve that!
love, Ross n Jen

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hey kanga and jen!

SOOOO great to talk to you last week and hear the Oz in your voice mate!!

I only sent a photo to bud cuz well it's not a very attractive shot and I am vain and I promised him I would. And yes, you can see the thighs since I am wearing spandex haha!

peace, emily who is still sore!

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OOOOOOOO NOOOOOO, I am emphatically NOT a runner!!!! It is so very difficult. I lift and get my cardio either on the machines or hiking and biking. I have such admiration for you! I am really pleased to hear that it went so well. I am sitting here smiling!
Taunya (who only runs when chased)

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