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CT results on Monday

jana11 Member Posts: 705
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
I got my CT on Thursday.... and now I wait. I have a busy weekend - to keep my mind off results and my parents are coming into town on Sunday. I am VERY nervous this time around.

I haven't had any activity since 5/04, but I am scared!! Think of me Monday morning (central time for my world wide pals).

Hope you all have a great weekend. jana


  • jsabol
    jsabol Member Posts: 1,145
    Hi Jana,
    good plan to stay busy; seems that scan time always produces such high anxiety for many of us. Stay strong and keep us posted; many prayers coming your way. Judy
  • taraHK
    taraHK Member Posts: 1,952
    Thinking of you already! Good luck with the 'distraction' this weekend. Please let us know when you hear.
  • CAMaura
    CAMaura Member Posts: 719
    Best of luck to you. Have a great weekend, enjoy your family, and try to think only good thoughts! Let us know how everything turns out.
  • kerry
    kerry Member Posts: 1,313

    I know the feeling sweetie. You will be ok I can feel it in my heart. You will be in my prayers. Let me know what they say.


  • Moesimo
    Moesimo Member Posts: 1,072
    I wish you great ct results and am sending positive vibes your way.

  • crazylady
    crazylady Member Posts: 543
    I'll be thinking of you Monday morning and sending positive energy your way.
  • kangatoo
    kangatoo Member Posts: 2,105
    crazylady said:

    I'll be thinking of you Monday morning and sending positive energy your way.

    I am going away for a coupla days again Jana but expect to see a whoopee post when I get back. All the best from your friends in oz, love, kanga n Jen
  • goldfinch
    goldfinch Member Posts: 735
    Sure can understand your anxiety. Sending positive vibes your way. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
  • MJay
    MJay Member Posts: 132
    Jana you have my strongest prayers. I will be rooting for good news!!!