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Has anyone heard anything about the dietary supplement Avemar? My sister is a dietian and ran across a study that was conducted in 2003.
The study published in the British Journal of Cancer states and compares the effectiveness of standard anti-cancer therapies
along with standard anti-cancer therapies plus a dietary supplement called Avemar@, for treatment of colorectal cancer. The findings of this study indicate that adding Avemar@ to the standard therapies that are used to treat colorectal cancer improves treatment outcomes. Specificaliy, the group of people who received the Avemar@ supplement had less new recurrences of colorectal cancer, less new metastases (spread) of colorectal cancer, lower risk of disease progression (worsening of disease) and lower risk of death when compared to the group of
people who received only the standard colorectal cancer therapies. This article review discusses the findings of
this study. The study intends to provide PRACTICAL information on what these results mean and provide ideas for how this
information can be used in a dietary plan aimed at improving treatment of colorectal cancer.

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