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1 year ago today

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1 year ago today at about the same exact time (1:20 eastern time) my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer which we later found out on July 30 (surgery) turned out to be stage 3 with 5 positive lymph nodes.

Today, luckily and with the grace of our good God, he is cancer free and once again living a wonderful and fulfilling life. Hopefully and God granted he will remain this way. My mom, brother, myself and his 3 little toddler grandkids need him desperately, so the thought of losing him to this ugly monster disease is unbearable.

This little message is for all of us here, especially the newly diagnosed on this board, that yes there is hope.

I will continue to pray for all of you.

God bless,


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What a joyous message. Your deep feeling for your father has been lovely to witness this year. Congratulations to him and to your supportive family. I know you all helped him through this difficult challenge.

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HI Susanna,

Congrats to your dad - and to the whole family. So happy to hear the success; I so much look forward to making my own yearly Anniv. posts.
Take care and I hope you celebrated!!

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Great stuff Susana......I am sure that hearing great reports like yours will give a lot of our newbies here a positive outlook on their cancers. There must be so many that have just begun the journey dealing with all the crappy stuff......sometimes it is a long road...and you and your dad have paved the way for hope!
Luv kanga n Jen

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Hi Susana,
That's great news. Congratulations to you Dad and your family!

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Congratulation to your Dad. These Anniverary milestones are so very important and great reason to celebrate.

I wish for you and your Dad many many more years of life and happiness.



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Crack open a bottle of champagne - There is NO BETTER reason!

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