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Bone marrow transplant........

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Should I, or shouldn't I go thru it???? Have you?

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i am having a bone marrow biopsy on fri.8/5/05
for staging,as i'm newly diagnosed,b cell follicular grade one...sorry can't answer question,but i have read of cases w/good results.&wanted to wish you well with your decision...please keep us informed,thanks.

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I had an Autologous Stem Cell transplant in Feb. 2002.
What type of cancer do you have? What treatments have you gone through so far?
What are your concerns?
I'd be happy to talk with you.

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This is my first time on this site and I am not sure of the protocol etc. My hiusband is scheduled for an auto stem cell transplant and heads to Seattle in October. I am interested in any tips you can give since my daughter will bre the primary care giver. I hear about mouth sore and limited diet. Can you share your experience. Thank you Penny

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Penny, How is your husband doing with his transplant? What type is he getting and is if for relapsed follicular NHL or another form? we had appt 3 wks ago in Seattle-from Md, they also recommend hi-dose radiolabeled antibody (Bexxar) followed by auto transplant for my husband, but others recommend mini-allo, or a high dose chemo trial in Hopkins-we're very confused! HOpe your hubby comes thru with flying colors! it will take several months before he's feeling his old self but hang in there!

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