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Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 11B in 1990 and was treated with radiation treatment for 12 weeks. Once a year I go in to have a check-up,x-rays, blood work...i worry about secondary cancer and recurring hodgkins. I was wondering if anyone else shares this fear and is it unlikely for me to get sick again? Thanks for reading.

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Hi there,

I was IIB also, but just finished treatment earlier this year. I know firsthand what it's like to worry about recurrence and secondary cancers, despite the fact that EVERYONE says how curable Hodgkin's Disease is. CURABLE!!! That counts for a lot in my mind....I met so many people, and I'm sure you did too, who don't have that reassurance. I just try to take it one day at a time. You have been cancer-free for 15 years!!!!! What a major major milestone, and something to celebrate. I pray that I will make it that far, and somehow I really think I will. There's probably nothing anyone can say to me that will put my fears at ease about having to fight cancer again, but hey, we beat it once didn't we?!

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Thanks for responding and being so positive. I am hopeful that I will keep on going cancer free. I do worry about secondary cancers/conditions but I just have to pray that I won't get it. I am going to a women's retreatment for cancer survivors this March in Sonoma, California if anyone is interested. The woman organizing it is an oncologist nurse here in Marin County at Marin General Hospital.

Take care,

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Hi Cassie- Sorry I just received your response as I haven't accessed this site for months. I would love to talk to you! My e-mail is mlhecht@comcast.net and then I can share my phone number. I live in Tucson and my family is planning on going to San Francisco over spring break which is the same time as the retreat! So, maybe I'll be able to sign up. I'll look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon. Just to remind you - we both had the same treatment back in 1990 . . and now I'm 40.

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I think that the thought of cancer comming back or getting a new form is always in the back of your head somewhere. I had Hodgkins1a and had radiation treatment only, and feel sometimes I made a mistake, and think every little lump or bump might be a recurrance. I think support groups are good for this, because everyone knows how you feel. You are not alone!

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Twenty one years (1984) ago my oncologist told me that Hodgkin's is the best type of cancer to have. Staged at IA, got 8 weeks of full mantle radiation and was doing great until 1998. Had chemo then (ABVD) for five months and was fine until two weeks ago when biopsy results showed another recurrence. Going to see a specialist for consultation on treatment this time (either conventional chemo different from 1998, or stem cell transplant). Still know that Hodgkin's is the best type of cancer to have, but anxious about possibility of stem cell transplant. Anyone out there who's had one??

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I was IIB in 2002. This was my second go-around... I had testicular cancer back in 1985.

My radiation oncologist and medical oncologist both cautioned me to continue regular check-ups for the rest of my life. They said they didn't want to frighten me, but noted that Hodgkins has a fairly high rate of recurrence. If I remember correctly, that rate was somewhere around 20%. (Please ask your doctor about that. My memory isn't what it used to be.) My doctors were also reminding me that my cancer history makes my chances of another cancer experience greater than average.

Regardless, we all must remain in touch with our oncologists. Recurrences can be different types of cancer than can be in different areas of the body. But our informed vigilance and good medical care can help us turn our "fears" into "caution."

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Hi - I was diagnosed with stage IVB in 1989. I remember when I hit the 5 year mark and looked at my Dr and said "now I'm cured right"? Well, he told me that Hodgkins is the gift that likes to keep on giving. I'm glad that I'm now at 16 years with no reacurrence - pretty good for someone they didn't think would live past 6 months. I guess I'm lucky that my body was so intollerant of the Chemo - I started with MOPP and had so many problems with the Prednisone that my doctor switched me to COP - I always wonder if that's the secret of my success. While it's always at the back of my mind I don't ever worry about reacurrance becase heck, I'm 48 yrs old now and was happy to get the additional 16 years. Every day is a gift and cancer really taught me not to worry about what could happen in the future but to just get through today.

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I think one of the cancers that can be caused by 2-butoxyethanol exposure is this one: NHL There were 4 beach workers during the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup who came across a freshly sprayed beach (Inipol EAP 22 had 12% 2-butoxyethanol) They all came down with NHL and the last one died about 2 years ago. I realize that that's not much to base an opinion on, medically speaking; however, this chemical is in lots of things, and causes a lot of harm: www.valdezlink.com/acute.htm

I would avoid exposure to it in the cleaning products and paints, etc that are pretty strong in it. You can't easily figure it out, but look for diarrhea and flu like symptoms with eyes burning and hurting as an exposure reaction. And go to the internet, and put in the name of the product you are interested in knowing about, and put after it MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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I was treated for hodgkins, stage 2B in 1998. I always worried about a recurrene of hodgkins but unfortunately last year I got diagnosed with Tongue cancer. Docs said it is totally unrelated to Hodgkins and I had no known risk factors. But I got it somehow. I am in remission now, thanks to my being very vigilant to any changes in my body, that I caught this cancer at a very early stage. Now I have learned that instead of worrying I simply have to be attentive to my body and enjoy life + health as long as it is.

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Yes, I definitely agree with everyone. You can't avoid having the fear of a recurrence. I definitely felt this way, however being cautious and knowing the symptoms has helped me this time around. I was first diagnosed in August 2003 and recently diagnosed again in July 2005. Hey, if I did one time I can do it again and I will.

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Hi. I'm a 37 year old female who had stage IIB Hodgkins in 1994. I was diagnosed when my son was 2 weeks old. I'm now 11 years cancer-free. Since treatment with ABDV (no radiation) for about 8 months, I've noticed that I do get sick a lot & my lymph nodes do seem to be swollen almost constantly (lately). I have to admit that I'm a hypochondriac! I'm fearful a lot about a reccurrence. I go to the doctor too much, but I'm working with my husband to subside my fears. I wish you well! Rebeckah

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