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Cushiony Gel Seats

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Shame on you Barb..what would lance say..cush seats
are for sissys.
Lance would tell you that the most comfortable seat
in the long run is the old purist hard leather skinny seat-(really) if you can tuff out the initial sore butt, the pro seat will support the essential pubic bones and minimize friction every
place else.
BTW, the following is worth repeating:

08:22 AM EDT Re: Quote o' The Day [reply]

Just some Tour info, if anyone wants it.

Outdoor Life Network - Live televised coverage ( I can't get this-Ugh!)

www.letour.fr. - official web site

www.discovery.com - Lance's sponser

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Ah, I bow down to you, Bud.

You are right. Lance would be ashamed with me.

BUTT...... (here come the excuses) I am OLD ( hehe), a bit off my ideal weight (ouch), and have no intention of riding the Tour de France any time soon ( ah ).

So, a little cushy seat for the old, out of shape, fat lady is ok.

I hope you all know that I really do have great self esteem, I do this for your amusement. ( It does happen to be true, but for you, I do it.)

Barb ( who ate really healthy today and made an appointment to get the thyroid checked.)

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I do not own a bike but I ride the terlet several times per day. It has a soft cushy seat and armrests to ensure a soft landing.
My handy nephew surprised me with a bathroom makeover during one of my many hospital visits. White tile flooring and comfort while reading the gardening mags.
He demonstrated his vision by sitting down and saying in his best Captain Kirk voice, "Warp speed, Mr. Scott!"
Aspaysia, who is now officially an old lady.

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We both have mountain bikes here but I never concern myself that Jen prefers the "vibration" of the motorbike.
I probably shouldn't have wrote this............

Asp......"I just canna get nuh more power Jim!"

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