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Liver cancer

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My husband has just had 75% of his liver removed, he was diagnosed with Klakskin Tumor 6 mths ago.The tumor had totally blocked off his bile duct, there was tumor in the Portal vien, which they cut & shut with a graft. They also took 2 lympth glands out. Also joining his bowl to the liver. His Dr has given him every chance, he is 56 & he is doing very well.He has been having Chemo for 3 mth. He had a c19.9 blood test 2 weeks ago & it came back with a reading of 22, is this a good count.When he started chemo his count was 44, so the chemo is having an effect. if there is any one who would like to comment please feel free do do so. I would love some feed back on your experiences.

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Roanie, My wife was diagnoses about 3 weeks ago with liver cancer. Right now she is on low dosage Chemo (5FU) for the next 3 weeks. The doctors told her she was not a candidate for surgery, this is our first and maybe only hope. I have been killing myself for the past month wondering what to do. I don't think that this chemo is working. My wife is only 40 and just gave birth to twins 3 months ago. She is so weak lately that I have been tempted to ask her if she want to stop this chemo and let her live her life happily until the end. I don't think that she was told she had 'Klauskin Tumor", but they were unable to determine the primary source; it might even be the liver. I could use your advice and what you did with your husband...seawolf275

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Seawolf275, My wife was diagnosed with a large tumor in her liver almost 4 & 1/2 years ago which doctors first said was either "cancer of unknown origin" or possibly liver bile duct cancer. Those same doctors discounted surgery because they thought they had detected a small tumor in the lung as well. They recommended chemo only and the prognosis was not good.

Fortunately, our oldest son is a physician (but not an oncologist) practicing in another state (California). He felt that these doctors were too pessimistic and referred my wife to a liver surgeon in California who removed the tumor and 70% of her liver along with a small part of her diaphram since the tumor was pressing against it. Before the liver surgery he consulted with a chest surgeon who ordered a "PET" Scan and determined that the small spot on the lung was most likely not cancerous after all.

My wife did have a single tumor appear in her brain 9 months later which was promptly removed. She had a single Gamma Knife radiation treatment 1 week after the brain surgery and 5Fu Chemo with Lucivoran for 6 months after that.

She has had no detectable cancer now for 3 & 1/2 years and is in good health. God willing, she will remain so.

I'm sure your doctor is good and perhaps his evaluation is correct, but no doctor is perfect. All of them can be wrong on a specific case. I am sure you've heard this before, but I'll say it again. Seek other opinions. Perhaps with God's intervention your spouse can receive a better course of treatment.

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Can you please tell me was her cancer cholangiocarcinoma as my partners is - doing well but no cure promised - how is you have operations without cancer cells spreading? _ Pinefrost from Australia

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