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Thank You

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My pa was newly daignoised with colan/rectal cancer. We see surgeon next week. He will be getting a colostomy for permanant and our future is unknown. I left a recent post. I want too say Thank you sooo much for the welcome to this site and the words of optomism. It really does go a long way. I never realize the importance of ACS until cancer has touched me personaly. I believe with this Network and progress of modern medicine, we can overcome this disease and trying times. Thank you again, every one

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Hi there,

My husband (Byron) and I are new to the site too. We are just now trying to get involved (post replys, etc..)although we read the posts every day and are so encouraged by all of the faithful "semi-colons". This site is the first one I check in the AM and the last I check at night - they keep my hope alive!!!


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What a nice posting. Wishing the best for both you and your father.

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Best of luck to your father -- and to you. Don't hesitate to post questions or concerns here. I have found so much useful information as well as support.

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