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Dr visit

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Hi Everyone!

Well today was dose #6 of doxil. My ca 125 was at 18 and last month 17 so it has dropped as low as it's going to go and holding. Last time on Topotecan I hit 17 and held it for 2 weeks and then had a steady climb. I was hoping for a different number this time but grateful for doxil doing the job it did.

I am officially on a chemo break and while on break my oncologist has scheduled the surgery to fix the incisional tear I have. They did a ct scan of my neck to check out the lump that I have on the left side of neck and in 3 weeks I do a chest to pelvic ct scan. Then a week later meet with the doc go over the results and have a preop physical. Surgery is scheduled for August 5th.

It will be great to have this repaired as I can't stand wearing the wrap in the heat of summer, and when I don't my intestines pop out through the tear and it is painful. I was surprised my oncologist was doing the surgery but sure am glad that it is him. Maybe he is planning on taking a look-see while they are fixing it? That would be nice, I'll have to ask him at my next visit.

So are you doing anything fun for the long weekend? We may drive up to my sister's cabin north of Grand Rapids. It will depend on the weather, and if the hay will be dry enough to bale or not. I imagine with the little bit of rain we've gotten it will not be dry before Sunday so a quick trip up there would be nice.

I have finally finished the roll of film in my camera so maybe next posting I'll have some new pictures to share. I know I did take a picture of the young bear that was at my feeder in the late afternoon. Didn't get any of the big mama bear with the cubs.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July. Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

The winds of grace are always blowing, just make sure you raise the sail!

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I may have asked before but where in Michigan are you located? I'm in Clinton Township (it's about 30 miles northeast of Detroit.

Anyway, you're going through so much and you're such a trooper and inspiration to us all! As always, you are in my prayers. Here's hoping you can have a peaceful and relaxing weekend, doing the things that make you happy. Have a happy 4th and catch up with us after you have that doctor appointment.

Till then, His angels are keeping watch over you!


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Hi Bonnie,

Too bad about the incisional tear, sorry to hear you're having to wear a wrap, too. I had a problem with my incision not healing quite right at first, and I had to maintain it for a while after the stitches were removed. It was no picnic.

Glad to hear from you and thanks for telling us how you're doing. I think of all my pals from the board frequently!

Did you find some of the Safer insecticidal soap? I've been looking for it, and didn't see it at Home Depot or some of the other stores (but forgot to check at Lowe's).

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BonnieR, you seem to have the best attitude about everything. You also know the right things to say to others. That makes me think that you have been through alot and also been around for a while. That gives me alot of hope! I wish you the very best. Take care! Paula

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