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Need input for a hospice project

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Hi All,

I need input from as my people as possible for a project I am working on called Cherubim's Village. Cherubim's Village will be a "village" that provides care for terminally ill and medically fragile children. Our services will include support for families that need assistance with care for children who are facing life end situations. I am sure you all are familiar with the costs associated with hospital care no matter how brief the stay. The goal for the Village is to lessen the financial burden of the family while allowing the family to focus on togetherness and love. The Village will allow families to place their child in our care for a brief period, and to utilize respite care services in order for caretakers to take care of themselves.

In order to tailor this project to those who need it the most, I need your input.

-Have you or did you receive adequate support?
-What type of services did you or are you currently using?
-What services did you find the most difficult to access?
-What services could you not find?
-Which services were the most valuable?
-What services could you or your family have used that were not available?
-Do you have any suggestions/recommendations on how a service like this could help enhance your (or someone you know) quality of life?

I appreciate any input you can provide me. Cherubim's Village has received two planning grants for pre-implementation of this project.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation!

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My mother just died at the end of August and we had basically a very positive experience with hospice. They provided nursing, SW and home making services for my dad since he has MS. The only thing I argued about and felt adamant about was the fact that they used Haldol when she was restless. As an RN Supervisor, I have very strong feelings about the use of this drug as it has some very untoward effects on the elderly, and they continued with it whenever I was not in the house. So I think the family should have some input (she was on Ativan for restlessness), especilly when we're trained. I think Hospice overall is a wonderful idea, allowing Mom to die in the house she loved surrounded by family instead of strangers. In the end, she only spoke Norwegian, her mother tongue, so only the family could understand her. They also provide some follow-up to see how my dad is doing, which I think is helpful.

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