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Request for any help or information about NON SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER

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hi,my friend is back in india whose husband is suffering from NON SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER, please inform me would like to know what treatment was used or any diagnoised treatment which has helped.

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My best friend was diagnosed with the same (she had a baseball size tumor on one lobe close to her heart). They removed the lobe and gave her 5 treatments of Chemo one month apart from each one. The lung cancer went into remission but just last week they diagnosed her with brain cancer(metastasis of the lung cancer).
As far as treatment I guess the Chemo helped(she was in the hospital for three times due to various complications). But the only thing I thought they missed, was the fact they never x-rayed her above the neck. It could have been there all along (she has 19 lesions one 3 cm) her prognosis is very bad.
I will keep your friend in my prayers.

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My jaw had dropped to the floor. OH my God! That is my reaction to your posting about your best friend. IF you have not sought out CyberKnife, it's probably the best and only hope you may have--I dont know the whole story about her cancer, so I'm not sure this is her only option, or that it is even an option. My mom had 6 inoperable mets from lung cancer too. Also due to incompetent dr's not scanning her brain. I am actually in the process of suing her dr's. I know how you and your friend is feeling right now--believe me I do. I know about the bad prognosis. There is a lady that at one time had 19 brain lesions at one time and she is doing really great. At the end of this message, I'll give you the link to the site that she is always on, replying to everyone. She is a great friend to those in the brain mets community. Anyway, if you find yourselves w/out options, try CyberKnife (www.cksociety.org) Also, go to this site: http://forums.prospero.com/IRSA/start (Brain talk) and under the topic CyberKnife Pt. 2 for bran mets, find a username called pattyz or PTBRAVE (she goes by both). Write her to talk about your friends situation. She has been living for over 2 years w/ her brain mets. And like I said, she had up to 19 herself at one time. Best Wishes. Write me back if you do not find her. In the mean time, I'll see if I can't contact her and direct her to you. Good Luck!

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Hi, I'm Ernie, a four year (almost) survivior of nsclc, stage 3b. In May 2001, at age 67, I was initially diagnosed inoperable/incurable. Four rounds of chemo (Cisplatin and Etoposide)concurrently with radiation (56 treatments)later, the tumor was reduced by 75% and I underwent surgery to have the upper 40% of my right lung removed. Post-surgery, I was given ten radiation treatments and twelve weekly chemotherapy treatments. I completed treatment in March, 2002. Since then, I have been cancer free. I will reach the magic five years in October 2006.

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I was wondering if the cancer was in your lymph nodes.yarncrafter@hotmail.com

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I am so glad yto hear you are doing well.Had the cancer spread to your lymph nodes? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Dr. Eduardo Tovar saved my mother in law's life.
The surgery is outpatient and does not cost much.
Call his office and ask for Jean, his nurse.
She will tell you if he can help you.

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HI mahek, My mom too was diagnosed with NSLC in Jan 2004. Whatever needs to be done has to be done fast.Doctors should also be able to tell you further subtype of his cancer. Also he has a better chance of recovery if he has a non-smoking history.
There is a pill called Gefitinib (taken once a day orally - also known as Iressa) which can be tried if traditional chemotherapy doesn't work.It works only on a small group of patients specially those with non-smoking history and cancer type of adenocarcinoma.The pill costs around $2800 for a month's dose in US. You can get the same for about $300 in India(manufactured by same company over there as well).

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Yes any information would be greatly appreciated

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