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dad newly diagnoised colonrectal cancer

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1 week since diag. I am so concerned for my pa but, i do not know how to comfort him. He looks so sad. He lives alone and i do not know what the future holds. We see surgeon next Wednesday

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It's a long road, and the odds of beating it are getting better..stay here and share his journey with those who can make it easier.. Bud

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Well said, Bud.

Welcome, Pia. Like Bud said - lots of wonderful people here who can offer advice, comment or just a place to vent if you need.

- SpongeBob

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Welcome!!! The guys have hit it right on!! It is a rough road for both your Dad and you!! You have come to the right place. I was a caregiver and my friends here have been there for me through everything!!!!! Please keep coming here and let us know how things are going. The people here are the BEST!!

Best Wishes and Prayers heading your way!!


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Hi Pia and welcome. As bad as things may seem right now you have a lot of choices to help you overcome this fearfull time. A lot of those choices can be found right here with our friends. Like Sue..there are many here willing to share their experiences as carers and many of us that have cancer will help you with any questions you have. As soon as you know more detail about your pa's illness, let us know so that we can be that support for you.
regards, kanga n Jen

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As the others said he's got a good chance. My dad was diagnosed nearly 5 years ago with stage III (you'll learn what that means) whith a bunch of positive lymph nodes. November will be 5 years for him and he's still doing well.
Think good thoughts.

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