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colorectal-liver cancer survivor with high CA 19.9

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I'm a lucky person because I've survived a colorectal cancer 1998, and later a metatstasi in liver 2001. The problem is, after more than 4 years , something is going wrong about my liver and I don`t know what's exactly. My analysis say CA 19.9 is going up , GPT and GOT and other "controls " about my liver offer strange results , and doctors are not able to find any fisical sign of cancer . Nothing looks wrong except the analisis result . It's producing a very painful and stressing situation to me and my family . I would thank any person with information about the possibility that hepatectomia , after a time , could produce strange results in analsis or not or any explanation. Sorry for my poor english , and good loock for all.

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Hello Lualo. My husband,who is 56, has just survived a total resection of his liver, 75% to be exact, so far there is no sign of his cancer,he has had 3 c19.9 blood tests & they have been great results.he has been having chemo & it is working, even though statistics say Chemo will have no effect on his particular tumor.To the delight of his surgeon & Oncologist he is proving them wrong.If you need information please message us. Roanie

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