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Severe Dysplasia

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Hello everyone. I was told on June 2nd that I had severe dysplasia. By friday I was having surgery to remove a part of my cervics. I have been recovering fine for the most part, but I feel there are so many unanswered questions. When I get on line and "google" severe dysplasia and pops up things about HPV and it being sexually transmitted. I found this to be overwhelming. It makes me feel like I did this to myself somehow and it is my fault. I would like to find good solid information about this..Can anyone help?

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Hi Jess. Anytime that I need info I check on Web MD. Or you could check on the Mayo Clinic Web Site, they have some good info too. Quite honestly the finding of HPV being involved in cervical cancer is relatively new so you may not find a lot of info. Good luck!

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