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Just had an utrasound no results yet

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The technicial told me that on my left ovary there was fluid surrounding it an could be from a ruptured cyst. I looked at the picture as she talked and all around my ovary was just black. I've been very bloated for over a month and have gained 12 pounds in 2 months and I look like i'm aoubt 5 mos. prego. I feel full and heavy in lower abdomen and it's very hard to the touch. All my own research shows same symptoms as Ovarian Cancer but I have to wait for the doc to tell me the full ultrasound results. Anyone else have anything like this. I'll be sleepless tonight just thinking about it.

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I know your fears, your anxieties. But I will pray you have a restful sleep tonight. It will not change anything by worrying about it. I know that is easier said than done. But try not to anticipate or look too far ahead. There is a scripture in the Bible that says, 'don't be worried about tomorrow, it has enough worries of it's own!'.
God Bless. Keep us informed.

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