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Need some information

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Hi Everyone, My brother-in-law just had surgery for kidney cancer. One kidney was completely removed. Cancer spread to his lung (2 spots) and one spot was removed and the second spot wasn't. He is supposed to start a treatment in 3 weeks in the hospital and he will have to be hospitalized for 5 days. Does anyone know what kind of treatment this could be. My brother-in-law never asks questions and I am not in the same state where he lives. Also, is there any kind of screening tests for kidney cancer? I would have my husband get screened if there is. Thanks for your help. Arlene

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Hey Arlene,

The only tests I know that would screen for kidney cancer are a CT scan or an ultrasound.

You may have to push to get a doc to make a test for your husband "medically necessary." Although the general risk would still be low, I've been told that the risk is slightly higher within families.

The worst part about kidney cancer (Renal Cell) is that there are usually no symptoms until the cancer has spread. I only found mine due to an unrelated (but fortunate in hindsight) event that brought me to the ER.

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Hi Arlene,

The 5 day treatment may be Interleukin-2. If it is Interleukin-2, there may be the first 5-day treatment, a 2-week break and then another 5-days.

Please tell your brother-in-law to start asking MANY questions. If he is not willing to ask the tough questions, have him get a relative or friend to do some research and even go to the doctor with him and ask questions.

As far as screening there really is no routine screening. Kidney cancer is often discovered due to some other event that causes you to have a CTScan. When the CTScan is done, it can show the mass in the kidney. Too bad there aren't preventative screening tests. Maybe there are, but if so I am not aware of them.

I wish your brother-in-law success with his treatment. If you have any other questions, you can email me at kidneycancer@gmail.com

P.S. I had a kidney removed in Nov 2003 and it naturally comes as a shock when you find out.

Take care,

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There is an email support list specific for kidney cancer. Join it at http://cancerguide.org/kofaq/ .

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