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Adding another Lance Bracelet

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Well my fellow semi-colons, tomorrow is my 1 year cancer free anniversary. I have decided to take Emily's lead and wear an extra Lance bracelet for every year without cancer.

So...tomorrow morning on goes another one.

Just to reflect for a moment. This site has been and continues to be a God send. To have a place to go and express our feelings, concerns, joys and dreams is wonderful.

I have "met" some of the finest individuals here. I am honored to share their company, to be part of your family.

I look towards Monday ( colonoscopy) with trepidation, but hope. Hope that I have conquered this dreaded disease. And if not, that, I will deal with as it comes.

So, thank you all for being here for me. I hope that I have given in return a few tid bits of information and a couple of laughs.

I'm raising a glass tomorrow night to myself ( cause I deserve it :) ) and to you my friends. To those who have journeyed to the next life, to those who are fighting their battle now, to the caregivers who give of themselves every day, and to those who have conquered this disease that effects us all. You are a special group of people.


Love to all,


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WOW BARB!!!!!!WHOOPEEEEEE!!!Congratulations!!!!! love you too sweetie..and guess what....for a change I get to answer 1st seeing as all the other "colonic-excited for you" people are still probably snoozin'!
So happy for yah babe and here's to many more anniversaries. I got me bracelet on right now.....reminds me we are all fighters!!
All the best for monday darls......we will be thinkin of yah.

ps.......wheres's me photo??????

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Please bear in mind that wearing two yellow bracelets when in Outer Mongolia means that you are the concubine of the tribal chieftain. I just wouldn't want any of the Cryps or Bloods to mistake you for something you aren't... or are you?

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Wearing of same in OZ is generally done so on the left arm too Sponger.

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( I'll never tell) Shhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Congrats on your first anniversary. I wish you many more.

My second anniversary is on Sunday.

What a great post.

I will be mailing back your banner today. Hopefully I will have pictures soon. Thanks again.


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Hi Maureen,

No rush on the banner. I'm not doing another one till next year.

And, congrats on your second anniversary.


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Barb, congrats on your 1 year anniversary. When we had the golf tournament for Scott back in April, we gave out 250 bracelets. And I am proud to say when I stopped by the Club this morning, I did see many people wearing them.


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I will be thinking of you and praying for the good news on Monday. My check is on Tuesday! I am quite frightened as well. You hang in there and don't let the old devil 'fear' spoil your victory!!!!!! Bet those bracelets look nice side by side!

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That one year is awesome isn't it??

We'll just call ourselves The Bangles (or the Go-GOs) so forget about the Mongolian over-sexed tribal peon or the Crypts and The Bloods!!

I've got my three and will be adding another one (hopefully) in August. Problem is I gave my last one away. :-(

So glad I like yellow since I plan on covering my ENTIRE arm with yellow!! haha

peace, emily who will be partially glued to the telly come july GO LANCE!!! #7!!!

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Hi Em,

I like the Go Go's (hehe)

If you wear the child size ones, I have an extra band. Be glad to shoot it over to ya.

Barb ( who's gettin a LIVESTRONG baseball hat!) ( Check out his site, lots of fun stuff now!)

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Hey there Barb,
Thanks for a great post. I look forward to you bein' back in the pool after the CT - looking up, sighing and smiling.
Cheers, girl!

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