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update-Stage III CRC- and question re: spleen

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Hi, I don't post often but check the board almost daily. Lots of great folks and information here. Several months ago I mentioned my wife's case-diagnosed Oct. 04 at age 45, Stage III, 10 of 14 nodes positive. She completed 12 Folfox 6 treatments in May. The news is good, she is NED with normal CEA and no cancer evident on CT scans. We are grateful and blessed.

One question, the CT scan showed that her spleen is enlarged. A few of her liver function readings are also not quite normal, but seem to be moving in that direction. Her white cell count is also still a bit low (but it was low before starting Folfox). The oncologist was not too concerned, and her next labs are in 3 months. Anyone have any thoughts on the spleen issue? Thanks and God Bless all CRC patients and caregivers.


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I don't know much about the spleen issue, but I sure am glad to know she's doing so much better!!! :)

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Hi Andy,

I'm not sure about the spleen, but the liver is affected by the chemo and it takes a little while to get back to normal as well as the white cell count. As long as her CEA is normal and her CT scans are NED, she sounds like she is on the road to remission. The spleen, I don't know - I had scar tissue on my spleen, but the doctor said that cancer spreading to the spleen from the colon is very rare.

You will be in our prayers. Take care and let us know how she is doing.


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No thoughts on spleen, etc. BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the clean c-t scan!!! Let us celebrate with you!

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Congratulations and pass on our best wishes to your wife Andy. As she only finished chemo last month I would have to agree with Kerry(she's sweet too!) It may take some time for things to return to normal.....remember they have been technically poisoning her system. Oncologists seem to keep a good eye on things mate. Discuss it with him/her if you are really concerned.
cheers, kanga n Jen

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Congratulations on the GREAT news!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!!
My husbands spleen was also enlarged from the chemo. His Dr. was not concerned as even though his cancer was so advanced there was no sign of cancer in the sleen. The spleen might stay that way but the liver will take time to recover from all the toxins.

Again, Thank You for the GREAT news and now that your wife is off chemo the summer will be GREAT and life will be beautiful for you guys!!!!! Have a GREAT summer kick up your heals and have lots of fun!!!!!

Give each other extra hugs as you BOTH have errand them!!!!!!

Best Wishes and Thanks for kicking the Monsters Butt big time!!!!!


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Thanks for the warm wishes, folks! They are much appreciated. I have done some more digging on the enlarged spleen issue, and it is almost certainly a side-effect of the Neupogen injections she received to boost her white blood cells during chemo. Spleen issues are mentioned in the Neupogen literature. Hopefully this will also resolve itself, in time. Cheers and best regards,


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