loss of hand strength & arm weakness

lombards Member Posts: 5
has anyone experienced loss of strength in their arm and hand as a result of radiation? the dr thinks this may be the problem with my hand as i have just recently lost all my strength in it and i have difficulty even holding a fork. i had cobalt and chemo in 1973 for HD stage IV.


  • truejoy8
    truejoy8 Member Posts: 41
    No I've never had problems with loosing strength in my arm to that degree. I can only hope for your sake that if the radiation is causing this, that after treatments stop it will eventually go away. I'll be thinking of you. Good luck.
  • nathalie
    nathalie Member Posts: 12
    Hi, I had HD stage 3. I had Chemo and Radiation. I do have weakness of my hands and arms (especialy my shoulders). I went to a Rhumatologist and he told me I had arthritis of the hands and arms and it is probably due to the chemo or radiation. Basically, they weakened my joints. He recommended therapy. Mabe you should ask your Dr for physical therapy if it does not get better. Hope that helps!