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Update on my mother-Stage IV cc

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It took a while in deciding to write this update about my mother…but your responses and prayers give me hope in not giving up and do whatever I can to help my mother battle this fight….I just went to pick up her report from her PET scan that was performed last week and it indicated that he has developed a 2cm node in her right side of her breast…she is already battling with the 16cm in her liver and now this!!! Its hard and at times I let the fear control me…she doesn’t know yet.. She will hear this report tomorrow as we go for treatment…. I just pray to GOD that she will be strong and will not want to give up….and she’s doing so well right now…her spirits are up, has been eating well and I just hope that this will not bring her down… My hope at this time is that a liver resection will still be possible. We will find out next Monday as we are seeing a specialist…

God Bless all of you


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Luis I know how hard it is to hear about these reports and then wait for your mom to be blown away with the bad news. I have been there myself quite a few times over the past few months. I hope she will continue to fight and I am assuming they will change chemo if something new has appeared during treatment? I am sure someone here knows the answer to that question?

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Hi Luis. Fear is a pretty hard thing to come to grips with my friend. Carers, spouses, family I think we have to put in the category of being pushed beyond the limit dealing with this,,,,,it is so overwhelming I know. My mum passed 6 years ago from a brain tumour and I know...believe me....just what you are fealing. In all truth back then I felt totally useless. I must admit that I rejected to some extent what was happening. It has not been until the last 2 years when I was dx'd that I have really had to chance my attitude......I am now fully aware of fear, now looking at cancer from a patients point of view. All along I have tried to make sure that my wife and dear carer, Jen, keeps herself healthy.It is very tough Luis but try not to let it get the better of you....you must be supportive but at the same time keep in mind you have a life and need to take care of yourself. Jen and I hope that your mum can gain strength from you......show your concern....your emotions....but confirm to her positivity on your part!
Our very best, kanga n Jen

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Hello There!!! Dito response and Kanga!!!! I know to well where you are at right now!!!! My husband Bob was in the same situation. I can tell you that even though is was am awful blow Bob did get very depressed as he was fighting hard and feeling better then to get kicked in the teeth. Your mom might react the same way, it is normal but after the shock of it Bob get back to the fighting spirit and with your help and support your Mom will do the same!!!! It is so amazing how much strength Bob had when he decided to keep fighting. Your Mom is a figther and so are you. Take care of yourself and take one step at a time!!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers and Lots of beautiful rainbows heading your way!!!


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