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From Colon cancer to recent possible liver?

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From Colon cancer to recent possible liver?

Please if anyone has had successful liver cancer treatment pleases let me know. I desperately need hope. Yesterday I went to my Dad's doctor, and he told us that when he had colon cancer treatment in 2003 the treatment seemed successful But he recently had some stomach pains and the ultrasound saw "holes" on his liver. Though he has not had the a cat scan or biopsy yet, the doctor want him to prepare for the possibility that it is cancer, but he seemed hopeful and told us about treatment and clinical trials? Please if anyone has any advise or help I could really use some.

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Hello!! I have primary liver cancer. Its a rare form of liver cancer called angiosarcoma. My liver was the only place I had it. My doctors gave me no hope, but I researched and found a treatment called RFA (radio frequency ablation). Not done in my area, I went to Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland Ohio, and met Dr. Alan Siperstein. A fantastic general surgeon and pioneer of this procedure, and a wonderful person... This procedure was first done in 1996. I have had it twice now and am doing great. Laproscoptic surgery, overnight stay in hospital,and ct scan 1 week later. Not everyone qualifies for this, but its well worth checking into. I recommend it for anyone. Hope all goes well for you and I will keep praying for you and yours. Hopefully your dad does't have cancer. In Gods Love Barbara

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Hey all. My wife was recently diagnosed with liver cancer, liver primary. They are giving her 5FU now, low dose for 3 weeks. I don't think it is working. The docs here are telling us less than a year. I think she might have the same as you offut9. She is being treated at Northwestern Illinois, in Chicago. She is not a candidate for surgery. But she is so weak that I want to stop the chemo so that at least she may have some energy and live a life worth living, instead of dieing in her sleep. Help...I keep think that I am going to run out of tears because I am crying all of the time.

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Hi Seawolf.
Please do not give up. My nephew was diagnosed with liver cancer last November - given 9-12- months.. He has been on 2 types of chemo oxi and now taxol. His tumor shrunk 50% - They cannot find the primary site - but he is fighting - we are all fighting for him he is 49 yrs old. I know what you are going through seeing a loved on suffer.

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I know too well your fears. My husband is scheduled for a colostomy for stage 3 rectal cancer. He has felt great because the cat scan did not show it spread to liver, lungs, brain, or bones. I too felt good about that but after researching found that this is a false security as the tiny cells are not detectable. The surgery alone is very traumatic. The unknowns are killers.His insurance co. would not allow another opinion from MD Anderson. That is so wrong! This is his life we're talking about and because the industries have bought and paid for their own rules, they are making your life decisions. I pray for good news for your dad and all who face these cahllenges. My husband's surgery is scheduled 7-11 (our grandaughter's birthday. I don't think I am strong enough to handle this, I draw my strength from him and his great courage.

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Please let us know how your husbands surgery goes on 7/11. You will have the strength to handle it. It is surprising how strong we can be. I will be thinking of both of you on the 11th. Evie

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My mother has colon cancer that has metasticized to her liver. It is in both lobes and has been deemed inoperable. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy since April '05. Her first CT showed of the six "lesions" two had completely disappeared and the remaining four had decreased in size. She has her next CT scan in August. Please let your dad know patients do respond to the new chemo drugs. Best of luck

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Have HOPE. Stay positive. True, that first diagnosis is shocking...the second is cold & brutal...and testing! I had colon cancer surgery in early '03. Did the gauntlet for 6+ months. Had regular monitoring and tests which indicated a return in late '04. I had almost half of the liver resectioned in 3/05 followed by a much more aggressive chemo treatment routine with several hospitalizations from hitting the wall. It has now been almost 4 years and Life is Good. Never give up.

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