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Please Know

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I have sent a message to the site webmaster asking for our own chat room. I have found good support in chat but know how difficult it is to find a Lesbian support group in your area, been there done that. Not easy to get one going either it appears since I belong to the only one of its kind in Canada or it was the only one for many years. If you knew that there was a chat room available, would you be chatting on this site?? I am looking for a number of people who would actually use the chat room if it was available. Please leave a reply with your thoughts on this.

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You may want to contact others on this discussion board through the CSN internal email. Others may not be checking this board reguarly. Thank you for your interest!

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I think we need a sight let me know what I can do to help.

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I know i would/ could benefit from it.

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I agree it would be very nice to have a chat room of our own. I am not saying that the one they have is not supportive, however being completley open is not always easy, esp when disscussing partners and how to either help them or getting the point across to them if you know what i mean

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By way of introduction, I'm also known on this site as "Your CSN staff." We've had a lot of problems with our current chat tool so we purchased a new one with some great features that will give folks more options. It was just installed on our dev site for testing, etc. We'll work to get it put into production for everyone's use ASAP. :-)
aka Your CSN staff

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