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Parotid Gland Cancer.

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My illness has left me unable to chew anything. Thus still on mainly tube feedings one year later. They had to remove bone in my jaw and cut the muscles in the right side of my jaw joint. Which means they had no where to connect new muscle back to the upper and lower right side joint.And my teeth do not line up. Is there any one else who has gone through this? Feeling kind of desperate and really WANT TO EAT!!!!!

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Hi lorrlynch, Sorry about your problem. I have a rare cancer in the head/neck area and was lucky that I did not need a feeding tube. There are several people in the survivors chat room that have gone through similar problems, perhaps you would like to check there for advice. You can also check the Head and Neck cancers discussion board in this section or post your message there too.
I am sorry I cannot help you but I wish you all the best. God Bless,TereB

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I remember reading something the other day about a surgical treatment for reconstruction of the jaw. This may be a little gory for you, but it gives a good description of using forearm soft tissues to reconstruct the face:

And the U of Washington is doing some very interesting work on implantable prosthetics. Have you been seen by a large cancer treatment facility that does reconstructive work?

Take Care, Sharon

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