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"Today, now, this moment, this very second, is the beginning of the next minute of this day working towards tomorrow and the rest of your lives for as long as destiny determines."
The way we treat each other in love and support in good times and bad will be returned to us tenfold.
"do unto others"
I have been awol again guys n gals.....but never for a moment did any of you leave our thoughts and prayers.
To all our new friends here I have not spoken to....your prayers will be answered!
love and huggs always, kanga n Jen

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Thank you for such a wonderful posting. Your words are so appreciated - and so needed. I hope you stick around here for a while.

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Hi Ross and Jen,

What a wonderful way to start my day - thank you for always being such an "upper" for all of us here.

Hope all is well for you. Take care.


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Hey Kanga.. I've missed you! Hope you and Jen are doing well! Thanks for the thought. I always love your rainbows...prayers and hugggs! Back at ya mate! ~ Wanda ...aka...Xcw

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Hey kanga and jen,

just wondering last night where you've been. glad to have you back!

missed you!

peace, emily

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Ahoy, Ross & Jen -

Missed you! Welcome back. A fellow Aussie has joined out roles - reini.

Thanks for the good thoughts.

Cheers, mate!

- Bob

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As long as we are sharing prose..this one is for you & Jen, and all the semi colons..
"You'll be with me
in quiet hours
when i am free
to glow with remembering
and touch with the hands
of my mind and heart
people who've given and understood
then you'll be with me"
by R Mullins-1963

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VERY NICE BUD!.... Thanks for sharing! ~ Hugggs ~Xeeena

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Very Nice Bud!... Thanks for sharing! Huggs ~ Xeeena

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Thanks to Kanga and Bud for the great words they shared.

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Hi Kanga,
I hope all is well.
Love and Hugs,

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