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Drug for "Chemo Brain"

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Wow... you amaze me Bud!...Hey where's your friend Moondragon? (I should have that name cuz my south moon's a dragin'... here I go with the out-of-shape thing..sorry. Anyway...thanks for the info! Wanda who better stick with Xeeeena!

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Nuttin wrong with your brain Bud! Metinks brain surgery on you would reveal a "zip file" somewhere!
mmmmmmm......now where did my mouse go?

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Although I don't think I have chemo brain, I think I suffer from CRS as does Kanga..

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Here I am. Took me awhile to figure this thing out. I couldn't find the reply button, then I realized I wasn't signed in. Duh........Mondays were created soley for the purpose having an excuse for being brain dead on the first day of the week!!!! I do Mondays justice. You can't let 'em go to waste now can ya? :)

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What a lovely new use for Mondays. You are already loved. Welcome!! Actually, we have been waiting for our arrival.

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