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Thank to those who responded to my liver resection Q

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I just want to thank all of those who took the time out of their busy lives to respond to my liver resection question....It gave encouragement to know that it is still possible to find a way for my mother's life to be extended if this surgery is possible...will we will find out soon(next week) with the liver specialist if this is possible..in the mean time, we will continue with our chemo treatment this week(5FU+Avistin)...this is the first time she will be receiing this treatment after 9 session of just 5FU(8) and one session of Comptosar...

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Hi again,

I have had 4 treatments of 5FU, Avastin and oxaliplatin. My liver mets shrunk in half. I have heard of others whose mets are completely gone due to chemo!


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