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To all the dads here at CSN, happy Father's Day!

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."

-George Herbert

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Joined: Aug 2004

AH HA! I knew your REAL name was George. All along a famous....quote person? This whole sea, country saving, babe watching ( well, maybe not that one), has all been a roos.

Or is it the other way around. Trying to stay under the radar for some sneaky reason or another taking on the identity of an 17th century literary master, hoping no one would catch on.

Well, you've been had my dear friend who ever you are. Give it up, SpongeBob, Bob, Loofa man, George, MR.HERBERT?????????????????????????

(Sorry, I'm in a weird mood this morning)

And a truly Happy, Safe, Beautiful, Life Filled Happy Fathers Day to you , my friend. And everyone else both near and far, but alway close to my heart.



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Thanks S-Bob,
Same to you too.
Patrick Starr

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Happy Fathers Day S-Bob! Hope you enjoyed it! It is awesome to have you here and awesome you can enjoy your day with family. Happy Fathers day to all of the fathers! ~ Wanda

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Question?......are us ozzies so far behind in technowledgy???......fathers day here ain't 'til september!
Happy fathers day to all!!!!

"Gotta go tell Jen she got her dates all screwed up. Zat means I should be gettin a present this week?????....mmmmmmmmm?"
Sponger??.....did yah haf ta bare it all?

Barb....saw your comment about ozzie foods. How does kangaroo tail soup rate for calories?
luv n huggs......Ross n Jen

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