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Working Full Time

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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with papillary cancer (1.8cm) in August of 2004. I had a TT in Dec. 04 followed by an ablation dose of I131 in Feb. 05. I have been home on disablity since Nov. 04. I choose to stay home to work through the emotional/physical challenges. I have made plans to return to FULL TIME work (Teaching Kingergarten) in Sept. 05. At the moment, my energy level is good and we are still working on suppressing my TSH. My question is do others return to full time employment after treatment and how do they manage energy wise. Also, if I get myself tired out from the demands of the job am I putting myself at risk to have the cancer return. I am starting to feel anxious about this upcoming change and would appreciate hearing how others are managing. I no longer have little children or teenagers at home,

Thanks for any imput,


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It has to be personal.. I had my TT in May and never took a day off. I have my appointment with the Rad. Onc. tommorow (6/21) and I'm feeling pretty low on energy (been off meds only two weeks). But so far, I've been able to continue as usual.. I have a desk job and don't have to deal with a bunch of 5 year olds so it is a little easier for me..
I would think that if you enjoy your work, doing it would do much more good for you than bad.. Creating a positive environment is a definite help..

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