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My Mom

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This has been the most rollercoaster day I have ever had and I HAVE cancer...

My mother is out of surgery- 61/2 hours.
The "tumor" that was blocking her colon so they couldn't do the colonoscopy? The "spread" to her bladder and ovary and lymph node? The mass on her kidney???
They were WRONG about the whole thing!
She had diverticulitis that made up the huge mass on the colon and a fiture that connected it to her bladder and tons of scar tissue. The mass on her kidney turned out to be a cyst and when all was said and done she has OVARIAN CANCER- NOT COLON.
Well, I guess it makes sense because both me and my sister have breast cancer so ovarian fits in with that. And I am thankful she doesn't have the extensive mets that they said she did- but boy- this has been some day!
Now we are off to Ovarian Cancerland.

My dear Semicolon friends,
You have been so sweet and strong and supportive and helpful to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
May God's healing hand touch each and every one of you. THe generosity of your hearts is awesome.
I will never forget how you helped me.
Love & Hugs to all,

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Wow what a day. Hope your mom gets well ASAP!

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Wow! I am wishing you both the best of luck with the new dx.

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Hey there Angela,

Gosh, I feel for you. I am praying that everything turns out well for your mom, and that your stress level doesn't hit the roof. Take care and best wishes.


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We are here for you no matter what kind of cancer you or your loved ones have. Our goal is to get rid of CANCER!!

Take care our prayers will be with you.


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Hang in there Angela..and as Kerry said, we are here for you no matter what type of cancer you have or your mom has. I wish you and your family the best for a quick recovery. We'll be here for support if you need us. ~ Wanda

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