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Just so y'all know, I just received an e-mail from the gals who produce the Colondar (www.colondar.com) - they just booked their flights and rooms for CP-II. They're an absolute hoot and guaranteed to help us have a good time! Bud, that means a number of young single gals... Shall I make the reservation for you?

October 25th-28th. Aladdin Hotel. On the strip. 877-333-WISH for reservations; group name is "GCOLON" or go to reservations@aladdincasino.com. Info on the hotel can be found at aladdincasino.com. Our special rate is $99/night, but only a limited number of rooms were blocked out.


- SB

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At this rate we may need Ms. Stacy to book a few more rooms if she can. Now, if Oprah or Lance will help us with some of the financing so more can come. Anyone with contacts to rich people that might be able to help us all meet in person are welcome. JUST HOW WONDERFUL COULD THAT BE!!!!! It can't happen if we don't try.

I was at the first one and no one will ever take away what it meant to me. Y'all have no idea what it is like for a bunch of Semi-Colons to get together. We are a force that most will envy, but deeply respect. After all, we are the poop king and queens and the end result is ultimately the reality.

Lisa P. who knows more about her body now then ever, especially the "shitty stuff".

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Hey there!!

How you flatter all of us, Lisa.
Being a poop-queen has never sounded so good!

I am wondering if the colonclub girls will be bringing the walk-through colon. No, I am not having a chemo nightmare. It is real; I think Roche sponsored it for them. They take it all over the US to try to hammer home a bit more awareness.

Maybe they can put it out by the pool at the hotel, next to the swim-up bar.....a lovely spot, don't you agree?

This trip just sounds better and better!
The Alladin will never be the same....


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Hey Spongebob, this all sounds so exciting. Maybe we can get Scott well enough to attend. My mom gave us $1,500 for Christmas for a trip to Las Vegas. It's still there waiting to be spent.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Linda & Scott -

I think that sounds like a GREAT idea!!

See you there!

- Sponge

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I soooooo can't wait until October to see everyone there. What a wonderful time it will be.

Hey Lisa P., I'm trying my best at this end to make some contacts. I'll let you know what happens.

Viva Las Vegas!!!


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