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Hi my ; friends...mom's update

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Hi there Semi-Colons- I thought I would check in and give you the latest on my mother.
She is to be admitted tomorrow for a "clean out" and then the surgery is first thing Friday morning.
She has met with the surgeon and a urologist. It seems like the cancer has gone from the colon to the ovary, bladder, lymph nodes and there is also a mass of some kind on her kidney. They won't know more until they open her up.
Since her mass is in the lower part of her sigmoid colon the surgeon did tell her that she may awaken with a bag because the sphincter muscle might be cut for clean margins. She said he said it may only be for three months and then reversed.
The urologist said he will be taking out at least part of her bladder- but from they way she described it, he mentioned leaving shunts in?, she may wake up without one. And Lord knows what will happen with the kidney.
Would she get another bag if her bladder is taken?
This sounds VERY BAD to me. And it is finally hitting her too that this is potentially "it".
She is not a fighter. She always talks about being old and being dead. She has been like that since she was 50. She is 73 and HEALTHY otherwise and she is strong physically. But I am battling the Breast Cancer beast and I know that you have to FIGHT BACK to win. And I am afraid she will get so down and depressed she will figure "what's the point".
Does anyone see anything positive in this upcoming situation? If it is in all these organs I am sure it is everywhere else.
Well- thanks for listening. I will let you know what happens.

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My thoughts are with you and your Mom- I would venture to say that given the fact that they are willing to do surgery - that is positive because why do it if for no gain- sometimes it seems "darkest before the light" so do let us know what the results are..prayers are coming your way.

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Wow, Angela -

That's a rough road for your mom. And for you to try to help support her thru negative attitude and all while fighting your own battle.

Hang in there...

Keeping you both in my prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Angela,
I hope your mom doesn't end up with a bag (colostomy/pouch) -- and that if she does, it is temporary. But, as someone who ended up with a permanent colostomy, I can tell you that it is "OK" - an adjustment, for sure, but not that bad. If she does get a colostomy, she should be seen by an ET (stoma nurse). They can be angels, in terms of training and tips.
I do know of people who have both a colostomy and a urostomy (for bladder). It sounds overwhelming, but people do not only cope but thrive. At some point you may want to check out the website for the United Ostomy Association (www.uoa.org). Actually the website is about to move but it should still be up or redirected. There is a very good discussion group there.

Best wishes to you both.

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Thank you all for your replies. They mean so much at this time. I will update you after her surgery tomorrow.

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