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Any luck with Tarceva

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I have had pancreatic cancer for over 17 months. It was originally in the tail, the duodenum and surrounds the celiac axis. My first treatment was Gemcitabine and Cis-platinum. After about nine months of that treatment I switched to UCSF and have been receiving Irinotecan & Taxotere. My last CT scan showed that my tumor in the pancreas has stayed about the same size, but the tumors in my lung have increased in size. My doctor said that he knew of no proven treatment where the benefits would out way the disadvantages. He said the only thing he might consider is Tarceva and there was no scientific evidence that that would help me. I was wondering if anyone has had success with Tarceva that stopped or slowed down the pancreatic cancer tumors from spreading to the lungs.

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You may want to try the PANCAN.org site. They may be able to help with this question for you.
They have lots of information on pancreatic cancer, treatments, things like that. They may be able to help you find information on this.

Also Veritasmedicine.org or .com is good for the up to date information including the clinical trials and medication. Can get on newsletter list for specific cancers.

Hope this helps you.

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You may want to do a search of the personal web pages. To do this, click on personal web pages on the left hand side of this page. Then enter search words such as pancreatic and tarceva. If you find someone with and experience you would like to learn more about you can email them throught the internal CSN email sytem.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

Take care and be well,

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These sites have some data: http://patient.cancerconsultants.com/pancreatic_cancer_news.aspx?id=34097


My doctor wants me to try Tarceva with Gemzar (which I had last year with continuous 5-FU & weekly radiation). I am reluctant, as up until this month, my tumor has been inactive, and I would prefer to try the new vaccines that are out with almost no side effects. Tarceva, as you will read, has similar effects to Gemzar.
Hope the sites help.

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Hi: my husband is on Tarceva and Gemzar. Gemzar 3 wks in a row, and Tarceva 150 orally everyday. It has brought his tumor markers way down. He was taken off Tarceva to see if it was what caused his diaherria, but since that wasn't it, he was put back on Tarceva. While off the Tarceva, his count started to climb up, but once back on it has started to drop. His is in bile duct, pancreacs and liver.Stay strong, I will keep you in my thoughts. Augie

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I was diagnosed with PC on May 12, 2005. I am presently on Tarceva and Gemzar. Gemzar 3wks in a row and Tarceva 100 orally everyday. I have had difficulty with diaherria, but the past few weeks I have been taking Prevacaid for pain in my digestive system. Since taking prevacaid, my diaherria has gone. I have had four catscans since starting Tarceva and Gemzar in Aug. 2005. Furst two of the catscans -- the liver tumor and Lung liason were reduced in size. The third catscan everything remained the same, and this last one the liver reduced slightly again. I am still able to work 30 hours (reduced from 40) a week and have the normal side effecte (fatigue, lack of energy, pain when I have neupogen shots) besides that I am thankful for the Tarceva and anything else that is showing signs of keeping me as a Pancreatic Survivor as long as I can be. Bless you as you continue to remain strong!!! Joan

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