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Update on Scott

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Hi friends, hope everyone is well. Scott is still in the hospital. They are hoping he can come home tomorrow. He's was still vomiting up until Tuesday. He says he's eaten some and hasn't vomited and even had a small bowel movement. Now his right hand up to his elbow is numb. A neurologist saw him yesterday and can't figure out why. He has no strength in his right hand. He's not doing Oxiliaplatin, so it's not from the chemo. Has anyone had this experience?

Also, they are discussing putting a feeding tube into his stomach. My neighbor, a sweet little 13 y/o girl with Cerebral Palsy, has a feeding tube. Her aide, another neighbor, was explaining how she cleans it and takes care of it. I'm kinda scared about Scott coming home. What if something goes wrong....what if I can't handle the PICC line, feeding tube, etc. I used to joke with my mother about if she ever needed caring in her old age, she'd have to go to a nursing home cause I'm not one to wipe asses and clean vomit!! Even though we were joking, I really don't know if I can handle it. Scott vomited while I was visiting him and I had to leave the room because my stomach started heaving.

Well I'm at work and boss needs me. Talk to you all soon.

Linda (Baltimore)

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My heart breaks every time I read one of your posts. I wish the best for you and Scott. He is lucky to have you.

Perhaps you can ask about some help at home. There is help out there. Ask to see a social worker. Good luck.


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((((Linda & Scott)))))

Hey honey, sounds like you may need to look into hospice care to help Scott out while you are at work. Then you can focus on giving him hugs and loving and taking care of your little ones while the worker does the ***-wiping and vomit cleaning.

Thinking of you all.....

peace, emily

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Hi Linda,

It is so nice of you to keep us updated about Scott's condition. I can certainly understand your concerns about your husband's care at home.

I think that the Discharge Planner at the hopital could be a great source for you. Maybe this person has already contacted you? In-home caregivers - aides, nurses, LVNs could really help take the pressure off of you and give needed care. It would probably be helpful to voice your fears to Scott's doctors. I think that they sometimes forget about how an illness affects the rest of the family.

Best of luck to you. Prayers and thoughts coming your way. And, please try to take a little time for yourself too, to keep your strength.


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I agree with the other responses in that you may be able to get help at home, rather than stressing your self out. It is alot to deal with. However, I never felt I could do the things I had to do for my husband when he was really in need of help. It is amazing what we end up doing sometimes.

Please look into any help you can get...you will have enough to deal with, just being there for Scott.

I do hope things get easier soon for you.


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Linda -

I'm like Ali and I agree with what everyone else has said here...

Consider some outside help with Scott
You focus on giving him and your little ones hugs
Do something for yourself, too

As always, if you EVER need ANYTHING, you know you can drop a note. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys when I get to Bahl-mor in July/August!


- SB

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Hi Linda and Scott,

So sorry you guys are having a tough time. I wish I could lift this weight off your shoulders.

I, too, ditto what the others have said. A private nurse or aide, hospice, maybe your church or temple could offer some helping hands?

Always in my prayers. I'll say some extra's for you, tonight.

Love and peace to you and your family.


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Hi Linda,
What a time you are both having to deal with. I wish you continued strength. Many good suggestions here. I think the hospice plan is very much worth looking in to. As a former home care nurse, I can tell you that they go far beyond just scheduling nurse and health aide appts. Don't let the term "hospice" scare you; my aunt was on hospice care for a year, and then they had to renew her enrollment. You both need the extra hands and help of other caregivers right now.
You are both truly amazing; I think of you often and keep you both in my prayers. Judy

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Totally understandable to be scared about caring for Scott at home but ditto to the other suggestions about getting some outside help if available.
I was petfified when my husband came home and I had dealt with 2 bowel obstructions but you know what? there is an unseen hand that guides you and helps you get through it..home is where the heart is- right? I pray for your strength-and know that your love for Scott will help you get through this-

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Oh Linda honey!!!!

You are in my thoughts constantly now. Please get some help so you can stay well and hug Scott as often as you can. Please remember to hug yourself too!!!! If I lived closer I would do it in person but for now, feel the cyber hugs I am sending to you every day!!!!

Lisa P.

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