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Can large cysts be cancerous

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Hi i was recently diagnosed with an ovarian cyst i looked on some websites and found that i have got most of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, is anyone in a similar situation

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Have you had an ultra sound to make sure it is cyst and not cancer? Do you have another appointment with Dr as a follow up? If I was concerned that a cyst was cancerous I would talk with my Dr about it. Prayers go out that it is not cancer.

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You have commented on my situation under another heading so thanks again for that. I just wanted to comment on this question too because I, as you know, am having a very hard time being biopsied soon and since I had to let my Gyno go the other day now I feel I am back at square one. They said this cyst was small but I got a copy of the radiology report and it's an inch and a bit more on all sides with some 'node' on it. Sigh. Sounds big to me. This thing could have been there over a year with comparisons done from a previous CT and what with my past extensive cancer history of NHL you would think they would classify me as high risk for secondary cancers. No one seems to be in any hurry to biopsy this thing. Reason I am responding on the board is that I just want to makes sure that people push for their own care in this day of slowed down health care here in Canada, if you don't fight for yourself who will?

Hope all is well with you and yours Bonnie. Blessings, Bluerose

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Yes. I was first diagnosed with an "ovarian cyst" in 1987. That was my first occurence of granulosa cell, a rare form of ovarian cancer. When I asked about the terminology, the doc told me a cyst is a tumor that is filled with blood and YES it can be malignant (cancer). I have now had 3 occurences over the last 18 yrs, one "cyst" and 2 non-cystic tumors - all cancer. For more info or help specifically with ovarian cancer, contact the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (www.ovariancancer.org). This is a wonderful group of survivors who advocate for women with OvCa. Please see an gynocologic oncologist asap. If a cyst ruptures, blood can invade the entire peritoneal cavity and spread cancer cells beyond the ovary. That's how I ended up with a tumor on the pancreas 12 yrs later. Best of luck. AnnetteLealMattern

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Hi I am a survivor of a Cancerous Ovarian Granulosa Tumor. I am doing well a year later and passing my CT scans and Inhibin tests. The doctor recently prescribed an Estring to help me with vaginal dryness and Testosterine to help me with my Lebido. This is the only side effect from haveing a complete Hystetectomy. My Libido is in the toilet...
I have the ring in now and it is helping with the dryness. I am afraid it might trigger more tumors though. My doctor says it is safe, a very low dose.

I have not tried the Testoserine (afaid my voice will get deep and I'll grow a beard.) Anyone out there going through a similar experience?
Thanks Patti

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Well, I sure am. The dryness is unbelievable, the atrophy is irreversible, and libido is virtually non-existent (except when I have a small glass (1/4 glass) of red wine. Sounds crazy, but I read that your estrogen levels are up for 5 hours when you drink wine.

As to your treatments, my doctor had given me Premarin after my first bout with OVCA (in 2000). I used the cream every other day, but there was a climb in my CA125. Then we went down to twice a week, and eventually realized it just isn't for me. In most cases, ANYTHING with estrogen is a 'no-no' for someone who has had OVCA.

My homeopathic doc has given me testosterone cream, as my levels were almost not even there. The cream is probably the smallest amount you can possibly get, which is why I probably don't see any improvement. You have to change the application sites all the time (I alternate between the inner thighs, inner forearm, stomach). At one time I noticed some extra hair on my forearms and inner thighs (YUK!), nothing on my face, but it went away. That is because the testosterone has an affect on the DHT in the body (the lack of which is responsible for men loosing their hair, and women). Anyway, I asked if I could take the sublinguil tablet that's out now, but he never answered me. And I don't think I'd be interested in injections. My voice never changed. You'd have to be taking an awful lot for that to happen. I also use weight training as part of my workout program. It also helps to boost testosterone and I actually have a little more 'interest' when I'm consistent with the program. Weight training is also great for maintaining bone denstiy.

I hope this answers your question. I know it can be frustrating. I'm just so glad that I am NED at this point, other than a lung nodule that my doctor thinks is okay until we check it again in 6 months.

Have a wonderful day. And if you come up with any other tips, let me know!


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So much for me hoping this 'node' in my ovary might JUST BE a cyst. Great to be able to read all of this though so that I can bring these things up before my surgery to remove the ovary, talking about the rupturing of the cyst and therefore needing chemo if you are diagnosed with cancer I mean. This board sure is informative and thanks for that. Still holding out hope that all of this will prove to be nothing. Blessings, Bluerose

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Just wanting to know how things are going for you. I saw your post from 7-09, did you have surgery? was it a success? and what treatments if any did you do? I have recently been diagnoised with GCT. Thanks Bec and GOD BLESS

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I have had ovarian cysts going on for a good while now. All of them has been 5 cm or bigger. I only had one to burst on me. I felt funny when it happened. I asked the doctor if I was alright and he said yes.

I am also worried because of my mom having ovca. I know one thing. I do not want to deal with ovarian cancer, especially after I seen first hand what all my mom did to try to beat it. I am scared that more than likely that I will get it, too. I also know that I am now at a higher risk for it.

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