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Recurrent Rectal Cancer

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Need to hear a success story from someone who is surviving recurrent rectal cancer. My husband is about to start FOLFOX7. His CEA is low, but continues to rise. Now 34. There is a "suspicious" something on his liver. Also "suspicious" in pelvic area.
I am devastated and need support and encouragement.

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I am sure someone who has survived recurrent rectal cancer will post and give you encouragement. However, I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear your news. It is what all of us, caregivers and survivors alike, dread happening, so I can understand your fears. Do not give up hope though....many have been where your husband is and are doing well. I presume a Pet scan was done to confirm that the suspicious areas are in fact recurrent cancer?

Keep us updated and know that we are thinking of you.


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I can't claim to be a success story -- yet -- as I was only recently diagnosed with a recurrence of my rectal cancer (in my case a small tumour in lung, which was surgically removed) and am now undergoing chemo. But, I can certainly offer moral support, as I walk the same journey. I am taking much faith in the amazing advances in medicine which are occurring all the time. I truly believe this is beatable. Hang in there and please keep in touch.

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Hi, and welcome. I am so sorry you are going through all this. I am currently 34 (just had a birthday.) I had recurrent rectal cancer, with a lung met, removed over a year ago... so far so good. Keep your head up and try to take it all one step at a time.

We are always here for you. Our prayers and thoughts will be headed your way. jana

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I haven't had recuurent cc but I do want to say welcome. There are many survivors here and I am sure they will come and share their inspirational stories with you.
Hang in there.

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There are 4+ year survivors of stage IV CC on this site..I am one of them, although can't claim success yet..I did Folfox, radiation, etc.
What is folfox 7? It really irks me when they use
terms like "suspicious"..what kind of tests are they using? Please give us more detail if you can..where did his primary cancer start, and where
did it recurr? See my website and Emily's-(2behealed) Nanuk

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