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Alternative to radiation

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My name is Nancy. I am 53 years old. I was diagnosed with Vulvar cancer in Oct 2004. I had surgery Jan 7th 2005.
My tumor and 2 lymph nodes were removed. 6 weeks later the surgeon called and advised me to have 5 days a week, 6 weeks of radiation. I learned from the ACS that radiation for vaginal or vulvar cancer can perforate your bladder,urethea,rectum,bowels, and intestines. I refused radiation treatments for those reasons. Instead I have been taking an alternative cancer treatment called Protocel 50. A liquid you take 1/4 teas every 6 hours mixed in water or juice. I had a follow up pap smear done May 13th. The pap came back showing no indication of cancer or cancer cells.
If you would be interested in learning about this medicine, go to www.OutsmartYourCancer.com. This book is also available in bookstores. The author is Tanya Harter Pierce. There are 4 chapters on Protocel in this book, along with true life stories.

If you care to email me, you may do so at carracer63@aol.com. Please indicate in the subject matter Protocel or vulvar cancer.

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