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Our Story

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Hi All,
My wife has asked me to start off with her story, She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in mid 1999. She had Chemo and radiotherapy. Nearly three years ago, she had bleeding in her urine, and was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The Consultant told us that it was independant of the first cancer, and she was just unlucky to get cancer twice. Our lives fell apart, but we went on, and stayed strong for the kids. Regular hospital treatments have taken place, cystoscopy mainly , but she had a phonecall from the hospital 2 days ago, to tell her that there is no cancer there, and that they are now sure that the problem is radiation cystitis.I know this is good news and we can breathe again,But all this time they told her it was bladder cancer. My wife has so many questions, and she just dosent know where to start. Can anyone offer advice?

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I am sorry I do not have any advice but I am so amazed at the strength the two of you have shown. It is so obvious how strong your love and support is for one another. Hang in there, you will both be in my prayers.

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2002 and also had chemo. and radiation. About a year ago I started passing clots in my urine and constant blood. I've also been diagnosed with radiation cystitis and had a cystoscopy,etc. They took a laser and cauderized my blood vessels in the bladder. That eventually stopped the blood clots, but I am still constantly in pain. next week I will start hyperbaric oxygen treatments. I also take Detrol and Pyridium to help with the bladder problems. I would love to help with any questions or let you know more about what I've been through.

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