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anti-emetic advice?

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I've just finished my first FOLFOX treatment. It went OK. No tingling-cold sensitivity yet. I have a funny jaw side effect which I believe some others have experienced (jaw spasm on first few chews or sips) but it is more strange than painful....

My biggest problem so far is nausea. They have me on a combination of Zofran and Kytril (before and during the drip, and sent me home with Zofran). But I'm still very nauseous. I realize everyone is different, both with side effects and also with which antiemetics work best -- but grateful for any advice on this topic.


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Hi Tara,

I was on Oxaliplatin and Xeloda and had continual nausea. I never actually vomited, but felt nauseas always even on Zofran. It just give a "sick" feeling in the tummy. I would just try to sleep away the awful feelings and it worked for me.

Take care and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi there Tara!

I just finished a FOLFOX regimen....yes, I thrilled; but back to you!! Zofran didn;t work too well for me. My doc put me on EMEND with Decadron. The EMEND is a good product....check it out with your doc. It worked very well for me.

The jaw pain and tightness is strange; and I forget if it is Oxy or 5FU driven. I had really sore jaws and had problems checwing for the first three or so days after each session.....even soft things like bananas. But it did go away for me after each session.

Ther Hand-Foot syndrome hasn't hit you yet? Lucky you... I still have numbness - but I hope it will wear off.

Keep us posted and, with luck, we can help you through this rotten ordeal! take care and best wishes to you.


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Sorry to hear you are so nauseaus. When I had the folfox regimine. I had a shot calle aloxi, I think thats how you spell it, and I never had any nausea, until the very end of my treatments. Ask about it, maybe it will help you. Good luck!

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Hi Tara,
I had terrible problems with nausea, and the only thing that worked for me was marijuana, either as tea, or as smoke when I couldn't keep the tea down. For me it was a miracle drug, and the only thing that worked.

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MD Anderson has some cocktail that contains 3 drugs that they give during chemo if the nausea/vomiting get bad.. It has zofran, ativan, and something else. I never needed it - but talk to the docs, especially if you start to loose weight.

Stay strong. jana

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I tried all the anti-nausea solutions, and still got sick..the Emend is only for late onset nausea,and there is also something else that they can give you IV w/chemo-(can't remember the name, but it keeps you awake..Decadron, I think.) The only thing that worked for me was the atavin-(pills) Nanuk

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My husband is about to begin FOLFOX7 (this Tuesday) for recurrent rectal cancer. They plan to give him Aloxi, Decadron, Benadryl and Atirup to combat nausea etc. These are listed as pre-meds.
Does anyone know....when taking Oxaliplatin, can one eat ice cream?

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My understanding is that many people develop a sensitivity to cold following Oxalitplatin, and avoid eating and drinking cold things, as well as touching cold things. I understand eating cold things might cause a "choking" feeling, which can be relieved by quickly drinking warm water or something else warm. I have just finished my first course of folfox (oxaliplatin + 5FU + leucovorin) and I haven't developed that sensitivity yet. But, I am still avoiding eating/drinking cold things....just in case.....Good luck to him (and you) on the regime -- let's keep in touch! Thanks for your information on the anti-nausea meds - much appreciated.

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Thank you all for these great suggestions. I am seeing my oncologist today, and will discuss.

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I am taking Oxaliplatin (FOLFOX4). Had 5 treatments so far and I cannot eat Ice cream on the days I get treated or for a few days afterward because of the cold. I can eat it by about the 5th day after treatment. Kandy

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My father received aloxi before each folfox4 treatment and he never had a single episode of nausea throughout his entire treatment. He received it through his port I believe.

Best Wishes,

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