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Depression and thyroglobin levels

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Hi , I havent writen in awhile and was wondering If anyone new ? Does thyroid cancer increase already existing depression ? I am really down and cant shake it . Also what is the range for thyroglogin blood levels to cause concern that cancer may still exsist ?

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I think that any cancer would increase depression. Since I was diagnosed I had to start on an antidepressant. My dr. said any thy. increase is concerning and a level of 0 is hard to get to.

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Imbalances of our hormones, both hypothyroidism and the 'hyper' state we sometimes experience with suppression levels of hormones can definitely affect our moods, emotions, and overall psychological sense of wellbeing, in addition to the cancer diagnosis. These links may be helpful to learn more about this issue:


http://www.drrichardhall.com/anxiety.htm (search for 'thyroid)


and search 'thyroid' in this article:

On the thyroglobulin issue, technically we should have undetectable thyroglobulin, following thyroidectomy and ablation treatment. This has some good guidelines on numbers, though - pages 6-11 are papillary guidelines:

And this site recommends specific levels to watch, following ablation, as well:

With our thyroglobulin, it is the 'trend' over a period of time and tests (ie is it falling following treatment, or rising) that sometimes is more important overall than the numbers themselves. RAI treatment can continue to cause these numbers to decline for 6 months or longer after a treatment.

This explains the testing process for Tg, and may be of value for you, too:

Hope this helps a bit; if you are looking for some specific examples (ie negative scan, positive thyroglobulin, etc), I have some studies about that, too. Just let me know, or email me and I'll forward them on to you.
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(my personal web page here also has some links that may be of value to you)

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