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Info for Juicing and Detoxing?????

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Hi everyone,
I've read alot of your postings and I want to know more about juicing and detoxing...Have alot of you done this and if so what were the results? How many times a day do you drink these "delicious smoothies"??? I just wanted to get some feedback on this. My husband was taking alot of vitamins a day from a natural nutritionalist and after about 4 days broke out in a terrible swollen rash. She said it was detoxing, but he was miserable. After about a week and a half he had to go to the dr and get a prescription because it wouldn't not away. The nutritionalist cut his vitamins down to once a day instead of two....He was ok on this...Anyway, just wanted to see if any of you had this type of experience in "detoxing" and I'd like some info on the juicing...

(to emily: thanks for your info, email me...)

Take Care

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Hi Elaine,

Just some more info--

Juicing is more important than the smoothies right now. During Detoxing things like rashes will happen. One needs to trust the process and allow the body to rid itself of toxic material. I got a whopping rash on my neck at one point that was all itchy when I was detoxing my lymphatic system. Eventually it healed.

When I was detoxing post cancer dx I felt worse before I felt better--achy and emotional (man, talk about melt-downs) and tired and fatigue beyond measure. I also got a wicked case of pneumonia.

According to the Granddaddy of Juicing Max Gerson (do a search on the Gerson Institute) he has you do something like 12/ 8 oz glasses of juice per day in tandem with a vegetarian diet.

I juiced 3 QUARTS a day at the beginning. Now I am on maintenance and juice 16-24 oz a day (usually more like 16).

I turned a great shade of orange (everyone thinks I am tanning) and the energy that came after the detoxing and healing is amazing.

Just remember healing is a process that cannot get fixed quickly with pills. The body needs time to readjust and heal with fresh air, sun, veggies, exercise, stress-free living, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, GREENs etc.

The smoothies for me are more a part of my maintenance program and I add green powders, flax oils and protein to the blueberries. But the juicing is all about LIVE ENZYMES to heal the body from cancer at a cellular level.

If anyone can suffer through the chemo and all that entails surely one can suck down a carrot juice (all day)!!! :-)


The Detox Diet by Elson Haas, MD

Check out this book--it should answer a lot of the detoxing questions.

Hope this helps!

peace, emily whose mantra is JUICEJUICEJUICE

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All good questions Elaine. There are folks that peddle supplements much like there are doctors that peddle meds for a living. The juicing/detoxing stuff is not easy. It is not just a diet change, it is a lifestyle change. This will be a long post because it has to be.

Emily is right about the meltdowns and emotional side of it, it is so roller coaster. I had pneumonia for a month. I got weird stuff that came up on my skin at first too. I got a detoxing brush that I use while showering. It helped lots of that and within a month, everyone started noticing the difference. You have to remember that the places you are going to see results first are in the cells that regenerate the quickiest (the skin and hair are the most obvious). I have only been detoxing 6 months and considering I am 50 and treated my bod like crap, that does not surprise me. I still have a ways to go too.

I changed to a natural deodorant and stopped using anti-perspirants. I smelled like a skunk and when I gave in and took antibiotics for my pneumonia, my BO went away within 24 hours. I thought I was done with detoxing. Then 6 weeks, yes 6 weeks later, it came back and it was worse. Those antibiotics I took for 10 days took 6 weeks to vacate my bod. Now every day the smell seems to get a little more pleasant. When I eat bad stuff, it increases in it's offensiveness.

I juice 16 oz twice a day. I do a bunch of other complimentary things too. Green drinks along with the supplements. I only eat natural and organic foods, unless it is "impossible" (I try to improvise, so I don't sacrifice my wonderful family/friend time). I can tell when I go off my routine and get a little off center until I get back on it and let my bod take back over. I do no soft drinks, drink loads of water, and have cut white flour, white salt and white sugar out of my diet. It didn't happen overnight, it was a revolving kind of thing. I tweak and change every single day/week.

I am not cancer free YET (read my web site if you want to know more, but I am stage IV with mets to the lung and liver), and have no idea if I will ever be, but I now feel like I am giving myself the best shot at beating the *******. All the researchers are so busy at trying to find a cure, they aren't really looking at the root cause of cancer (if there is less cancer, there is less money for the drug companies). It comes from a cellular level (it grows one cell at a time), so that is what I am trying to change, my real innards from a cellular perspective. Surgery, chemo and radiation treat the symptoms, but not where and why the ******* first felt comfortable enought to live within our bods. It could come back after that initial phase of treatment. I personally believe 80-90% of all cancer is preventable. YES preventable, but politics, greed and money comes into play. I also think there are some cancers (especially in the younger generation) that are different. The genes we are passing down from one generation to the next is going to take it toll. Generation X and Y are going to have it worse them mine (baby boomers) unless we make some changes in our worlds.

I have rambled on more then I should, but I had to tell you that juicing and detoxing is not simple, quick, or easy unless you learn about what to expect. Your post are some of the first steps.

I welcome any questions, comments, or emotional outburst, he he.

Lisa P.

Don't see a nutritionist, see a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in clinical nutrition. There is a huge difference!!!!!One knows about the value of foods and the latter knows about the wonderful healing powers of natural foods given to us by God. Some are very powerful and can help us.

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Hi Elaine!... I'm doing the Alt approach too after I've had 10 months of chemo and currently being treated for a lung tumor in airway. I'm following the footsteps of both Emily & Lisa. I love the new regime! I feel sooo good and I know my body is healing inside. The liver spots on my hands have faded to almost gone... my hair is darker brown and the grey roots have even shown color changes. I do juice and do smoothies. A couple of glasses a day does it for me. I also take Juice Plus. My naturopath has ask that I take a mushroom extract that is from Japan, but to be honest... the awesome healing power of whole natural foods have proven to work, and my immune system went to work on the tumor before the radiation had the chance to kick in. After I get these rads tx over, I will do just an alt diet. Like Lisa and Emily.. I have cut much out of my diet. Beating cancer is much of what you don't eat as well as what you do eat. ie.. red meat..refined sugars.. processed foods!...sodas.. fats (bad fats).. alcohol.. etc.. much to share with you so stay in touch with any of us and we'll help you all we can!
Hugggs to you Elaine! ~ Wanda ... aka Xena cancer Warrior!!!!

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WOAH!!! Wait a minute... alcohol is bad for you???

I'm doomed...


- Sponge

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