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Happy Cancer Survivors Day!!!

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To everyone who has survived cancer....a toast! May you all live a long and happy life. And in remembrance to those who did not survive, say a prayer for the families.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Hey there, Linda

Well I'm not sure if I can call myself a survivor yet....but since chemo has just finished, I think I'll consider myself a big winner!

Thanks for your post!! How is Scott?? Hope all is well with both of you.

Cheers and best wishes coming your way!!

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Hey thanks Linda!.. a toast purhaps of carrot juice! Well, like Maura...I'm not out of the woods yet, but just to get through chemo is an accomplishment all by itself! Yessss... lets remember all those who's lives have been touched by cancer and their families. (Thinking of you Dad... I know you're in a better place, and I love you) ~ Wanda

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A prayer for everyone who has ever been touched by this disease.

For the families, friends and loved ones of those who were unable to slay the dragon just remember that they are with us always. Their hands are the breeze that blows gently through our hair, their smile is the warmth of the sun on our face, their tears are the rain that washes the land and nurtures the ground. Their memory and love lives in our hearts forever.

- SpongeBob

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Wonderfully put Bob!!!
.....could I add,
"sleep tonight dear friends and dream of a rainbow, for the colours lead to the love that we all share and to all of our dearest friends who have gone to a realm of love and peace...they are watching over us"

Linda......you and Scott are always in our hearts, luv Ross and Jen

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